The Best Galway Accounts to follow on Instagram

The Best Galway Accounts to follow on Instagram

What could be better than scrolling through colourful Instagram feeds specially devoted to celebrating all the wonderful things about Galway and its people? On your newsfeed experience unique glimpses of this gorgeous county first hand through the eyes of an insider.

We have put together a fun list of bubbly Galwegians who will give you a good auld introduction to everything the City of Tribes has to offer.

Kai Jess Murphy

JESS MURPHY (@kai_galway)

From promoting Irish produce to showing off her scrumptious creations, the soothing natural tones of Jess’s posts makes for an enjoyable scroll through this beautiful creative collage of fresh products and picturesque photos of Galway. Her fun character is always on display in her stories which frequently include intriguing titbits about the latest happenings.

RONAN & EUGENE GREANEY (@thedoughbros)

A trip down memory lane, of being out and about eating delicious foods surrounded by great company. The bros Eugene and Ronan pack their page with their popular pizzas and appreciation for all the people they meet and have worked with on their journey. There’s really no doubt about it, good food is best had in the company of friends.

Pat Divilly

PAT DIVILLY (@patdivilly)

Offering motivational words to keep you going through moments of difficulty, Pat uses his feed to offer encouraging advice, share quotes and short poems that resonate with its reader. His talks are often eye-opening and when you find yourself in a bit of a bind, his anecdotes are regularly a source of comfort.

EMER NÍ FHLATHARTA (@glowingwithgaeilge)

Spreading some grá for the Irish language, Emer translates phrases that can be easily incorporated into your day to day routine and some interesting focal dána to be used in moderation of course. Each saying is accompanied by her cheerful artwork so it’s a fun way to learn new vocabulary while also admiring her cute draws.

Shane O'Malley

SHANE O'MALLEY (@shaneomalleyart)

It’s an aesthetically pleasing scroll through this feed. Eye-catching blends of blues, yellows, pinks, and reds highlight the genius talent behind each of Shane’s paintings. With bursts of colour and intricate patterns, scrolling through his clever geometric artwork is sure to brighten up your day.

ÉRIN GRANT (@papermachemind)

Each post pops with bright colours from Érin’s thrifted wardrobe of vintage and retro clothing to her favourite vegan dishes. When you find yourself in a bit of a slump, she’s always able to cheer us up with her upbeat words and good vibes. Busily sharing her favourite products and giving an insight into different projects she’s been working on, it’s always a fun time with papermachemind.

The Filling Station Eco Store

THE FILLING STATION ECO STORE (@thefillingstationgalway)

Boasting an ever-growing selection of sustainable products, this feed will introduce you to exciting brands and keep you up to date with all the latest eco-friendly tips. It’s a go-to spot on your going green journey to learn all the need to know tricks to use about the house and make the most out of your reusable items.

INKFINGERS CUSTOM TATTOO (@inkfingerstattoogalway)

Displays of the artist’s skill are captured in these stunning tattoo designs, with no two posts the same each design has a completely unique look. Whether planning your next tattoo or simply enjoying the creativity in each piece you’re bound to feel inspired by the simple line art and complex colourful designs that make up this feed.

Lisa Regan PR

LISA REGAN (@lisareganpr)

Buzzing with the latest happenings about the city, scrolling through Lisa’s posts you’ll find yourself visiting and staying updated on all your favourite spots. Through her stunning photography skills, she spreads positivity and shares her appreciation for all the little moments of joy that she experiences in her day to day life.

NRG HEALTH & FITNESS (@nrghealthandfitness)

Giving us the motivation to get off the couch and stretch out our unused muscles, this feed is packed with short workouts, and full body stretches to relieve our tight muscles. Their wellness tips on top of the home workouts play a key role in helping us stay healthy and happy.

Oscars Seafood

OSCARS SEAFOOD BISTRO (@oscarsseafood)

Using their feed to show off the benefits of living right next to the sea, from its stunning scenery to access to fresh seafoods. Oscars Seafood Restaurant’s expertly prepared dishes exhibit all the ways they are able to prep the daily catch with every post displaying one of their rainbow coloured dishes that almost look too good to eat (almost).

FINBAR MCHUGH (@finbar247)

Using a mixture of light and dark hues to create striking contrasts, Finbar conjures mesmerising imagery in his paintings each with their own unique story. Whether he’s busy in his studio or out adding touches of colour to city streets Finbar always takes the time to share his work and inspiration.

Finbar McHugh

Feature Photo by Boyd Challenger. All other imagery courtesy of the Galwegians' respective Instagram page.

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