Galway’s Cóilí Collins presents new TG4 documentary Éire Eile
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Galway’s Cóilí Collins presents new TG4 documentary Éire Eile

Galway's Black Gate are very proud to present an exciting new alternative documentary series from TG4 called Éire Eile! Find out more and watch it here...

June 2nd sees the launch of an exciting new alternative documentary series from TG4 called Éire Eile. Presented by Cóilí Collins (a.k.a. Shampain), Éire Eile examines subcultures and scenes enjoyed by Ireland’s youth in 2022 - everything from Hip-Hop in Limerick and Queer Punk in Belfast to wheelchair basketball in Cork and Historical European Martial Arts in Galway.

Over 8 episodes, Shampain explores a range of communities and the people, clubs and organisations which help build and maintain them. As our work and social lives become increasingly remote, Éire Eile is about what happens when people get together to create, compete, express themselves and indulge their passions. Diving head first into Ireland’s cultural undercurrents, Shampain leads us in a joyous celebration of community, diversity and inclusivity.

All episodes of Éire Eile will be available to watch on the TG4 Player and via the TG4 YouTube channel from June 2nd.

Performing as Shampain, and facilitating other artists in his work with VSN World and G-Town Records, Conamara native Cóilí Collins is a Rinse France resident and one of the most prodigious DJs Ireland has produced in the last decade.

“The most moving part of making the series was witnessing the strength of communities and the empathy that exists within them. I grew up in a very rural area and people who didn’t understand me oftentimes made no attempt to understand my interests and just thought I was weird. Meeting these groups of people and doing it all as Gaeilge was an extremely positive experience and something that has really changed the way I see the world, because if people have each other’s backs and don’t give in to fear we could all get along with each other but more importantly learn from each other’s experiences in life.” - Cóilí Collins / Shampain

Watch the trailer for Éire Eile by tapping below

Ep 1: Queer Punk
For decades, punk music has given a voice to the city of Belfast. In this episode, Shampain explores the flourishing queer punk scene reaffirming Belfast’s punk legacy around a new cause.

Ep 2: HEMA
In this episode, Shampain draws swords with The Exiles, one of Galway’s Historical European Martial Arts clubs. Spending time with members and taking part in a session, he explores the vitality of hobbies and social groups, no matter how niche.

Ep 3: Trad
In this episode, Shampain spends time with the likes of The Mary Wallopers, who are pushing the boundaries of traditional Irish music with reckless creativity and spirit while galvanising a youthful audience that few thought would be reached again.

Ep 4: Rebel Wheelers
Basketball is known for high flying manoeuvres above the rim, but the breaks of the game take place below it. In this episode, Shampain heads to Cork to meet the Rebel Wheelers, a wheelchair basketball club who make hoop dreams a reality for all, regardless of physical ability.

Ep 5: Limerick Hip-Hop
In recent years, Limerick has become a bastion of an unlikely genre. In this episode, Shampain meets with the legendary Hazey Haze and the up and coming Strange Boy, to find out how Ireland’s third largest city became its hip-hop capital.

Ep 6: Bohs
As the global football landscape is increasingly dominated by sportswashing and financial disparity, Bohemians FC offers a vision of a football club run by the people, for the people. Shampain meets the fans, players and coaches who call Dalymount Park home.

Ep 7: Drag
Shampain explores the role that community plays in shaping our collective and personal identity as he is welcomed into Ireland’s flourishing drag scene to experience firsthand what it takes to be a queen.

Ep 8: Give Us The Night
For the final episode of the season, Shampain is back in his comfort zone as he takes us into the electronic music scene that has defined Irish youth culture in recent decades. Despite this, the scene is fighting an uphill battle to stay alive, led by the Give Us The Night Campaign.

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