Galway’s Best Christmas Sandwiches 2023
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Galway’s Best Christmas Sandwiches 2023

If your favourite part about the week between Christmas and the New Year is creating delicious sandwiches made with all the leftovers from the Christmas dinner, you are going to LOVE what we tell you next. These Galway foodies have worked their magic to create the perfect Christmas sandwiches that are stuffed with all your favourite festive foods, so treat your taste buds this December to all the wonderful flavours of Christmas at the spots below.

Merge -  Turkey Melt

The Christmas special is now available at Merge and it is a feast of all your favourite parts about Christmas dinner! Made with freshly cooked turkey with Swiss cheese, garlic mayo, herby stuffing and cranberry jam. This sandwich is incredibly festive and the perfect treat for when you are out buying all your Christmas shopping. This sandwich is available both instore and online via Deliveroo.

above: photo courtesy of Merge

Gourmet Food Parlour - The GFP Christmas Sandwich

The GFP Christmas Sandwich is made of; roast turkey, honey baked ham, camembert cheese, cranberry sauce, sage & onion stuffing, garlic aioli and rocket all on a toasted ciabatta. If you love how that sounds, well, you’ll simply adore the fact that this year Gourmet Food Parlour have partnered with Keogh’s Farm crisps to bring you the limited edition Camembert & Rosemary flavoured crisp - made exclusively to accompany the GFP Christmas Sandwich!

above: photo courtesy of Gourmet Food Parlour

Meltd - The Moist Maker

This very special Christmas sandwich has returned to the menu at Meltd and we couldn’t be more excited! This sandwich is grilled to order, served on butter crusted sourdough bread and as always Meltd to perfection. It’s made with; roast turkey, shredded honey glazed ham, cheese, stuffing, brie, cranberry sauce, gravy with a truffle dip.

above: photo courtesy of Meltd

Slow Roast - Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Dinner Toastie is back at Slow Roast for the countdown to the big day. With roasted turkey & ham, sage & onion stuffing, cheese & your choice of cranberry mayo or gravy! Upgrade the side crisps to their delicious roasties for a real festive feast. This sambo is super popular this year so be sure to try it for yourself!

above: photo courtesy of Slow Roast

1520 - Christmas Sambo

The perfect filling treat for when your getting your Christmas presents this December is the 1520 Christmas Sambo. Featuring turkey, ham, gravy, stuffing, and more – it’s the perfect holiday season treat. Pop in and get yours today and savour these scrumptious festive flavours.

above: photo courtesy of 1520

Hapi Bakery - Die Hard & The Baby Cheesus (veg)

Available in Plámás, Fairhill and , Hapi Bakery's two new Christmas sandwiches are a feast for the eyes and stomachs! The Die Hard is made with butter roasted turkey, thick honey roasted hang & Hapi Bakery stuffing, cranberry sauce, Mal's buckfast mayo and sprout slaw. Meanwhile the vegetarian version, The Baby Cheesus is made of; sage and crisp onion fried halloumi chop, Mal's buckfast mayo, cranberry sauce, sprout slaw and a smash of Tayto.

above: photo of Hapi Bakery, courtesy of Jess Murphy

Niche - Xmas Sambo

The Xmas Sambo at Niche_Tuam is stuffed with all your favourite parts of Christmas dinner. This delicious sambo includes ham, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce and brie on a sourdough toast. The scrumptious sandwich is served with a side of gravy which perfectly brings together all the key bits of a traditional Christmas dinner. There is a vegetarian version available also.

above: photo courtesy of Niche

56 Central - Turkey Melt

They've only just added it to their menu and it is already the most popular choice amongst their guests. 56 Central's Christmas sandwich special is filled with home cooked turkey, herb stuffing, melted Swiss cheese, cranberry jam and garlic mayo. It's a festive treat for your tastebuds so get in there and try it today!!

above: photo courtesy of 56 Central

Greens & Co - Whopper X-mas Sambo

Greens & Co have put together a delicious meat-free Christmas sandwich that is a whopping festive feast of flavours. This sambo is an amazing combination of breaded chickie, herbs & onion stuffing, beetroot & cinnamon relish, pumpkin & basil pesto, organic leaves, tomato and mayo. It comes served with a side salad and fries too.

above: photo courtesy of Greens & Co.

The Lighthouse Café - Xmas Sambo

Check out The Lighthouse Café's latest foodie delight - their Xmas Sambo! Featuring; Wicklow Baun brie, homemade apple, walnut and sage stuffing, cranberry and red onion jam and organic watercress on fresh white bread. Also available with vegan feta. The Lighthouse Café are famous for their vegan and vegetarian friendly Christmas treats so you can guarantee that this sandwich is going to be a highlight of the festive season.

above: photo courtesy of The Lighthouse Café

Ground & Co - Christmas Special

Unwrap the joy of Christmas in each bite of the festive sandwich at Ground & Co. Served with the soup of the day, the sandwich is made with roast turkey, crispy bacon, brie, stuffing, cranberry, mayo on thick bloomers. Available in all of Ground & Co's locations, this soup and sandwich combo is perfect for staving off the cold.

above: photo courtesy of Ground & Co

Feature photo courtesy of Slow Roast

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