Galway Chamber helps local businesses export €140m worth of goods
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Galway Chamber helps local businesses export €140m worth of goods

Galway Chamber worked with local businesses who exported goods valued in excess of €140 million to 79 different countries around the world in 2022!

This figure represented an approximate 17% rise on the value of that exporting activity that took place in 2021. The total number of export certificates issued by Galway Chamber for local businesses also rose to just over 6,000 in total in 2022, up by 13% on the year previously.

Almost all shipments being exported from Galway to countries outside the EU require a ‘Certificate of Origin’, authenticating the country where the goods were made. In most importing countries this is an essential document which is needed before the shipment can enter the country. These documents must be signed by the exporter and countersigned by the local Chamber of Commerce. For Galway, this function is undertaken by Galway Chamber. The application process is completed online for efficiency reasons. The Chamber also undertakes due diligence to ensure the materials are completely compliant, helping to prevent shipping delays. Given the free trade within the European Union, these certificates are not always required in those countries, however some exporters still seek them to guarantee they are completely compliant.

Turkey was the importing country for which the highest number of the export certificates were sought from Galway companies in 2022, with a total of 660 going to that destination. This was followed by Egypt (336) and Saudi Arabia (313). Over the course of the year, shipments from Galway businesses reached the four corners of the globe, being sent to the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand, China, Japan as well as a number of African and South American countries.

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The export figures have been released by Galway Chamber to mark International Customs Day which takes place on the 26th January and seeks to recognise all those involved in effective world trade management.

Speaking about these numbers, Kenny Deery, CEO of Galway Chamber said; "Last year was a strong one for those Galway companies who were exporting their products. Year on year the value of exports handled through the Chamber rose by approximately €20 million and the number of export certificates also increased significantly. All this highlights the level of growth from the exporting market we have seen in the last 12 months."

"We wanted to highlight this positive news to help mark International Customs Day. The level of exporting activity undertaken by our local businesses here in Galway sometimes goes under the radar, so we thought this would be a good time to showcase the impressive work being undertaken by local exporters."

"Helping to process these exports is an important aspect of Galway Chamber’s day to day activity. This is a service we have been providing to businesses across Galway for many years. Members of our team are specially certified with the International Chamber of Commerce so we can quickly and accurately review and process the necessary ‘Certificate of Origin’ documentation, ensuring it is completely compliant and helping to avoid any shipping delays," Mr. Deery concluded.

Find out more about the work carried out by Galway Chamber via their website and by following them on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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