Galway Band Collaborate with Choir for Concert at St Nicholas’

Galway Band Collaborate with Choir for Concert at St Nicholas’

Galway Band The Opacas are collaborating with Moycullen Musical Society for their 10th single 'Shine On', which will have its debut live performance on Friday March 10 in St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church!

The Opacas are recording their 10th single, Shine On, and are collaborating with Moycullen Musical Society, who are adding the final flourishes. The song is a tribute to a close work colleague who passed away in his sleep in 2019. Shine On will be performed formally for the first time on Friday March 10th at a concert in St Nicholas Collegiate Church.

"Damon’s sudden death was a real wake up call for me," explains The Opacas band member, Pat Boyle. "It really brought home how transient life is and we have to make the most of every moment we have. The song is a cry out to the universe for his spirit to Shine On."

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The collaboration came about after Moycullen Musical Society director, Tomás Ó Cáinte, attended an Opacas gig last October and got chatting with the band. The tribute song was already being bounced around within the band at rehearsals so the idea popped up during this conversation to do a collaboration in order to give the song a heavenly lift.

"This song is in keeping with the Opacas mission of collaboration," said lead vocalist Steve Talbot. "We keep reaching out to other artists, musicians and actors in our creations and collaborating with a choir is really just a natural continuation of what we do. It's great fun working with them!"

The Moycullen Musical Society’s ‘Back In Business’ Concert is on Friday March 10th in St Nicholas Collegiate Church at 8pm. Tickets will be available on the door for €15 (€10 for children/students).

The Opacas are Peter Tobin, Steve Talbot, and Pat Boyle, along with Leeds based guitarist Mark Raynor. For the St Nicholas’ show, they will be joined by percussionist Mike McLoughlin and guitarist Joe Treacy, who will fill in for Mark.

The Opacas music can be heard on all streaming platforms. Their videos are available on YouTube and

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