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22nd May | 21:00 -

Massimo Wonderwall Wednesdays

All Wednesdays at Massimo Bar Galway, are Wonderwall Wednesdays which sees a live acoustic jukebox (a.k.a. Eoin Mullins) take to the stage and give you the chance to vote for the next song!

You’ll be able to vote on the ever-evolving, ever-changing setlist on your phone, with spots prizes and promos thrown in throughout the night. Here’s what Eoin says about this exciting new night; “Eoin O’Maoiláinn is ainm dom! I’m a chung lad from Dunmore who’s wandered up the N17 to Galway seeking fortune and fame! I’ve been performing all around Ireland for almost 10 years now, most recently having had the absolute pleasure of performing alongside the fabulous Ms Linda Martin in the Liberty Hall Pantomime in Dublin! Outside of the theatre, you can find me all around Galway chanting with my band ECHO CHAMBER, bringing all you lovely people the late ’90s/early 2000s belters that you didn’t know you were craving! I am absolutely buzzing for Wonderwall Wednesdays at Massimo, where the set list is being chosen LIVE by YOU!! And let me tell ye now lads; there are three things guaranteed: Unreal Craic, Savage Tunes, and Gorgeous Cocktails! Anyways… here’s Wonderwall”

It goes like this:
Live music from Eoin Mullins troubadour of Echo Chamber fame. He will choose two different songs that could go in several different directions. The songs will be sent to your phone to vote on. Along with Wonderwall every time. Whichever song gets the most votes is the next song he will sing.
There will also be spot prizes randomly lashed out through the night and drink promos to sing along to.
No need to download an app just come along and DJ the musician.

Event Date
22nd May 2024 - 22nd May 2024
Event Time
21:00 -
Event Category
Galway's Westend
Event Address
10 William St West,
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Ticket Price
free entry
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