Come with me to get the Core to Floor Treatment at Thérapie Clinic Galway
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Come with me to get the Core to Floor Treatment at Thérapie Clinic Galway

In celebration of Thérapie Clinic naming Laura Whitmore as their new Core to Floor Ambassador, I got the chance to call into their Galway city location and see why everyone is raving about this summer’s must-have treatment.

Core to Floor is the ultimate core workout that will help target your main areas of concern by combining two of the industry’s leading treatments; EmSella & EmSculpt. These treatments are both noninvasive and work to improve abdominal muscle and pelvic floor strength, additionally of course we can’t forget the benefits which go a long way to improve your overall day-to-day life by helping you feel more confident and comfortable in your body. Now that all sounded pretty good to me so I knew I had to try it and give you all the inside scoop.

Ahead of my treatment as usual any pretreatment nerves were put at ease thanks to the friendliness and expertise of the staff at Galway’s Thérapie Clinic. I cannot tell you enough how amazing it is to be made feel comfortable from the first moment you step in the door. After they had talked me through both treatments, I was excited to give them a go and ready to feel the difference.

Please note that while results can be noticed from the first session, this treatment is recommended for a course of 4 sessions. However during your free consultation you will be advised on the number of sessions that will best suit you.

Step 1. EmSella

If you are suffering from any kind of pelvic floor weakness, EmSella is a life-changer! It’s a quick (30 minutes per session), pain-free and non-invasive treatment that can help ease symptoms such as stress incontinence, urine leaking, uncontrollable bladder and intimate issues. The treatment itself is so simple that these results seem almost too good to be true but the reviews are in and sing praises for the EmSella treatment and I am happy to report that I agree with them!

Suitable for both men and women, EmSella essentially uses electromagnetic energy to create kegel-like contractions in the pelvic-floor muscles without any effort on your part. You can literally sit back, pick up a magazine and relax as the EmSella machine does the rest. The treatment is pain-free and its setting can be adjusted to suit your comfort. It can be a strange feeling at first but doesn’t take long to adjust to and the peace and quiet you’ll enjoy during the 30 minute session is honestly reason enough to book in. I experience no discomfort during or post session and honestly can say if you’ve been plagued by any leakage that is making you self-conscious then EmSella truly can make all the difference. Best of all, if you’re curious about EmSella but aren’t sure if it’s for you then book a FREE consultation here and let the experts give you some expert advice.

Step 2. EmSculpt

The perfect way to curb any stubborn fat ahead of the summer, EmSculpt is a fantastic treatment because not only does it burn fat but it also tones muscle! This treatment shares some similarities with EmSella, it’s quick, painless, can be adjusted to suit your comfort level, suitable for both men and women and there is no downtime. Each session is the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches and I could notice a difference from the first session. Also in a similar manner to EmSella, the EmSculpt treatment creates contractions in the muscles, the sensation is broken up by bursts of a tapping feeling which stops lactic acid building up within the muscle. While that is how it works, I promise you it’s a much more enjoyable experience then how this all sounds because 1. I got to lie down for the treatment 2. There was a tv so I could watch whatever I wanted during the session (I watched Fleabag in case you’re wondering), 3. I did 20,000 crunches without going to the gym 4. It was during EmSculpt that I was reunited with Ada from my Hydrafacial treatment and got to thank her for all the incredible samples she gave me previously; the Soothing Serum and Salicylic Gel Cleanser from Skin Theory and Clinicare EGF Tight Mask. These products are amazing and did wonders for my skin, I even got compliments for how it looked. Honestly I was a bit disappointed when they told me the session had come to an end and while I was told that I may not see an immediate change, I did feel the difference post treatment. If you are interested in the EmSculpt treatment, tap here to learn more about it.

When both treatments had concluded I met Ada by the front desk and she incredibly kindly gave me some more samples and a lovely heart shaped stress ball. In time since my first Core to Floor treatment I have used all these products and I am very grateful that Ada and the rest of the Thérapie Clinic team take so much time to accommodate all their clients and make sure that they get the most out of their treatments and their time with Thérapie Clinic. I am confident that you will love your time with them as much as I do.

If you are interested in Core to Floor and think this treatment is for you, tap here to book your FREE consultation so this team can help tailor the treatment to best suit your needs, alternatively visit them instore or call them on 091 355003.

Photos courtesy of Thérapie Clinic featuring Core to Floor Ambassador Laura Whitemore


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