Cat Turner – The secrets she sings

Cat Turner – The secrets she sings

Cat Turner is well known for her presence in Galway’s music scene. Her songs are self-described as angsty, alternative, and ripe with electro-pop influences. Cat writes and produces her music, giving her the unique ability to shape the sounds she wants to create. In every chord, there’s a synchronous push and pull towards the desire and longing that ultimately makes us human. With self-reflective undertones and a conviction to create, Cat Turner’s music coaxes us to believe that truth really does exist within poetry.

We spoke with Cat about her process, inspiration, and upcoming projects. “I've been living in Galway for about 6 years now…I very much moved over here to play music.” In those 6 years Cat has performed across a number of stages and club nights, like A Modern Movement and Black Gate Introducing. She has also written and produced an impressive catalogue of music.

Displaying vulnerability, her lyrics tell intimate and personal stories that are easier sung than said. As she puts it, “I want this to be super honest. I just need to let it work and ignore the fact anyone is ever going to hear this… These are things that I would never tell anyone, but I’ll sing it to you.”

In songs like ‘Sticking with Ya’ and ‘Quit It’, she unveils the deep and concealed aspects of personhood in a rhythmic and electric dreamlike style. ‘How do I know me like I know you? Am I safe in apathy though?’ a line from ‘Quit It’, begs a question of self-interpretation and the complacency of love we often find ourselves in. These musings float over an ethereal track that is saturated with electric ambiance.

Cat Turner

For Cat, songwriting and production is the outlet of all outlets, proving that the things that cause ache and pain can sometimes be morphed into something truly healing. “Because I can make music, there’s nothing that’s just a shitty thing, because I can make a song out of it…. at least I wrote that poem, at least I’m singing this on stage. It adds a little bit more meaning to it.”

This catharsis is integral to her process. “I feel most myself. If I’ve had a shit week and I just spend a day rehearsing in the house or writing a song, I’m the most proud of myself, I feel the most empowered and strong.”

“I think when I don’t have that, I don’t feel complete, there’s something there that I’ve been neglecting in myself when I’m not writing music.”

Currently Cat is working on her most recent project, ‘Rupture & Repair.’ With around 7 or 8 new tracks coming out, this could be a chance to see a more peeled back sound from Cat. While experimenting with different elements, what remains the same is her honesty, and willingness to share these critical moments with listeners. “It’s kind of two halves of the rupture side, and then the repair side so I’m dying to get it out because I love it.”

In fleshing out her sound, she creates a space for change and experimentation in her music. “Some of the stuff I’m writing right now is…leaning into more acoustic elements. I’m trying to add more natural guitar sounds and different things like that. It’s a bit more soppy, sad stuff I guess because I’ve made so much upbeat stuff I can make room for that.”

Cat’s newest single ‘Somedays I Hate You’, is set to be released this November. To hear more from Cat, you can find her music on all major streaming platforms, and her website at

Photography by Ciarán MacChoncarraige

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