Award-Winning podcast ‘Promenade’ returns for Season 2

Award-Winning podcast ‘Promenade’ returns for Season 2

The award-winning, critically-acclaimed 'Promenade' was released in November 2022 and now returns for its second season! Find out more here...

Reviewed as "Stories that will burrow their way into your heart", Season One heard stories from around the world dealing with memory and the stories they trigger. The sound of the sea can remind one of an old romance; a smell can make one yearn for home - these memories can be triggered by the oddest of things!

The concept was created by Andy Gaffney, 'Promenade' was born “from both love and curiosity of nostalgia and a love of hearing a person’s story. Memories and the stories they trigger can be actual real life time travel.”

Promenade Season Two features fourteen stories from around the world dealing with memory and the stories they trigger from the sound of bookshops reminding you of childhood and a perfume-maker trying to create the scent of her life, to a piece of music in World War II being a lifelong companion to a man hidden from the Nazis. Season Two is built around the idea of searching through old video tapes looking for a recorded memory and those moments late at night when you wake up to a static lit room after falling asleep.

Andy Promenade

Talking on his own trips down memory lane, Andy commented; "A memory I hold dear and one I used in my own Promenade story in Season One is being in my childhood room with my parents old Bush TV, retired Betamax and a box of tapes. As much as I loved watching those liberated local video shop tapes like Ice Station Zebra and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, I also loved the old 'recorded-over-a-thousand-times-from-the-TV videos featuring ads from an era, a random Christmas Special before cutting to a home video that nobody remembers recording. Those tapes feel packed with ghosts."

A theme that emerges throughout these fourteen stories is people remembering fathers, mothers and grandparents. Both in the things they did for you as carers when you were child but also what that now means when you think back and remember someone not as a parent but as a person. When you listen to this series as a whole it becomes clear; nobody does it alone.

Promenade Season Two will be released on Tuesday 25th April 2023. It will be available on all platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Also available on

Awards and Accolades for Promenade
New York Festival Radio Award for Best Personal Lives Podcast
Silver Award Best New Podcast - Irish Podcast Awards 2022
Nominated for Best New Podcast - British Podcast Awards 2022
Andy Gaffney named as one of the top 50 new talents to watch in 2023

Reviews for Promenade
"Stories that will burrow their way into your heart" - Andrea Cleary, The Irish Times
"This gentle, poetic podcast is so comforting" - Ashley Davis, The Times Podcast of Week
"Beautifully produced, a little shining gem" - Miranda Sawyer, The Guardian
"It gave me goosebumps...this podcast floored me" - Newstalk

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