An Honest Review: Clear + Brilliant Results from Thérapie Clinic Galway

An Honest Review: Clear + Brilliant Results from Thérapie Clinic Galway

If you have ever been troubled by skin concerns and are tired of the constant worry that comes with it, we may have found the solution for you! In my latest visit to Galway’s Thérapie Clinic I tried their Clear + Brilliant treatment and let’s just say that the results blew me away

Clear + Brilliant is a skin resurfacing treatment which uses laser technology to prevent early signs of ageing, maintain younger looking skin and improve your skin tone, texture and radiance. It’s suitable for all skin tones and skin types, and best of all there is no down time so you can continue with your daily routine with no inconvenience! To learn more about the award-winning Clear + Brilliant laser treatment please tap here

Of all the treatments I have tried at Thérapie Clinic, the Clear + Brilliant treatment was the one I was most nervous about. I had never had a laser skin treatment before and due to the sensitivity I sometimes experience with my skin, I was quite apprehensive of whether ‘no down time’ would apply to my experience of the treatment.

When the day of my treatment arrived, I met with my skin therapist, Mirabel, who kindly chatted me through what I could expect from the treatment. Once I was all prepped, the procedure began and honestly, finding the correct words for what it felt like is a challenge; it was as though a roller of mini spikes was being run across my face and while painless, it left a feeling of sunburn in the treated areas. When my whole face had been treated, Mirabel applied a soothing face mask to cool down my skin and with the addition of this, that 'sunburn' feeling quickly dissipated. The only part of my face that was a bit red post-treatment was my nose, but it wasn’t particularly obvious to anyone except me and faded within an hour.

In the days post-treatment, moisturising was key, as my skin felt rough and dry a few days following the Clear + Brilliant laser. This is normal and expected from the treatment and wasn’t an issue at all in my day-to-day routine. Within the first week of the treatment I also could really notice a huge improvement in my skin and wore little to no makeup because it had so drastically improved my skin texture, tone and overall appearance. I received multiple compliments for how my skin looked and it really gave me a confidence boost. Clear + Brilliant went from being the treatment I had the most concerns about, to my favourite of all the treatments I have currently enjoyed at Thérapie Clinic. I am currently planning my session of Clear + Brilliant in order to optimise the results from this laser skin treatment.

If you find yourself thinking that your skin routine could do with a boost and are interested in the Clear + Brilliant treatment be sure to book in for a consultation at Thérapie Clinic Galway. Not only are these consultations completely free but the team can respond to your individual skin wants and needs and give you advice tailored to your concerns. These consultations can take up to 30 minutes but it really depends on what you are looking for.

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