WOMP – A Galway Event Collective
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WOMP – A Galway Event Collective

With a passion for consciously chaotic craic, WOMP Events host some of the most sensational and silly quiz nights in Galway. Becoming an institution in their own right, the evenings put on by this group are legendary.

In the Beginning...

In the words of one of the creators Niall Horisk, “WOMP Events is a bedroom business borne from boredom.” WOMP began in the long ago days of 2020. Through a WhatsApp chat, a group of friends searched for a way to unite people in a time of uncertainty. Niall Horisk, Katie Walsh, and Ian Burke worked to put together online Zoom events that would give people a sense of community. “We spent those numerous lockdowns hosting virtual comedy quizzes. They were a good way to bring people together while they had to be apart.”


When Galway reopened, WOMP was more than ready to bring the madness back to the city. “We could finally move from the virtual world to real craic, and a string of sold-out themed events followed.” Based on beloved television shows and movies, these quiz nights quickly became a signature of WOMP. “One consistent compliment we get at our themed quiz nights is the attention to detail… We spend a lot of time decorating the venue, dressing up as characters, and thinking up interactive rounds to get the crowd involved.” These details are part of what makes WOMP Events so special and exciting to be a part of.
WOMP It's Always Sunny

To stay up to date on all things WOMP, check out their website - wompevents.com.

Feature Image by Florian Stravock 

Photos courtesy of WOMP Events 

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