Tracey Moca adds a touch of magic to Galway Streets
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Tracey Moca adds a touch of magic to Galway Streets

Across Galway's city streets you can spot the breath taking art of Galway artist Tracey Moca. Day after day she has been hand painting bright radiant images onto the dull grey electrical boxes. Her creative talents have without doubt added a touch of colour to the bleak January days.

Last December, Creative Ireland put out a call for artists to bring a touch of vibrancy, joy and imagination to the towns and cities across Ireland and it was the talented Galway artist Tracey Moca whose creative designs were chosen to decorate the boxes in our own gorgeous city. "I’ve done work like this in the past for Dublin Canvas as well as murals for private and commercial residences, so getting the chance to paint in Galway was amazing. I chose to do Upper Abbeygate Street as it’s a key walkway for people coming in and out of the city from Woodquay and it needs a bit of love I think!"

Tracey Moca Sally Longs
Artwork outside Sally Longs

Moca's working day starts early, up at 6.30am and if the usual dismal January weather would permit it, work would begin at 7.30am. "It’s been a really lovely experience painting the boxes, despite the cold weather. Much of this is down to the genuine support and love from people passing by and working on the street. I’ve been given cups of coffee, kneepads and even a kinder surprise. People always amaze you!" After lunch it is back to the drawing board for design and prep work for the next day.

Her designs use an aesthetically pleasing variety of eye-catching colours, from the sapphire blues and pearl whites to the rich rouge of the famous ruby slippers. Each splash of colour has been carefully chosen to add a bit of magic and light to the weather beaten streets. "Galway has a certain magic about it. We all know how tough times are at the moment so I wanted to remind people of that magic. I wanted to remind people from all walks of life why they chose to make Galway their home. I painted twin boxes for this concept; the first with the message and ruby slippers, and the second with the yellow brick road. The other boxes will also include positive and fun messages, all involving iconic and not-so-iconic footwear, that I hope will make people smile."

Tracey Moca Public Romance
Artwork outside Public Romance on Abbeygate Street

These subtle masterpieces adorning the city's electrical boxes have caught the imagination and admiration of all city goers. With pedestrians halting in their tracks to take in the heartwarming art displays. "The response from people has been brilliant. The No Place Like Galway box seems to remind people about the heart of Galway. In these dark times, it’s nice to get a little twinkle of joy, even if it’s only momentary."

If you are able to get the chance (provided it's within your 5km limit), wander around Upper Abbygate Street and you’ll be able to spot her bright paintings along your way. If you would like to purchase some of these as colourful prints for yourself or to gift to a loved one, or for mural commission enquiries you can contact her on her website here or on her Instagram page. 

Tracey Moca

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