This Is Lisa

Since it’s International Women’s Day, today’s the perfect opportunity to introduce you all to Lisa O’Brien, the newest member of our team. Lisa is a pure sound lady, always bringing positive energy into the office. Our very own personal ray of sunshine, if you will. Without further ado, here’s the low-down on Lisa.

Describe yourself in four words…

Away with the fairies (well that’s what my mother would say!).

What did you do with yourself before you came to This Is Galway?

I went to college in LSAD, studied fine art photography in the Treaty city for four years. After college, I moved up to Galway for a while before heading to New York on the Grad visa! I had a great year living in Brooklyn – the hustle was real juggling two and a half jobs (the half being my own freelance work). I moved back to the promised land of Mayo before Christmas and now I’ve landed on my feet working with This Is Galway.

What do you get up to when you’re not in the office?

I’m usually sleeping, eating or drinking… Just like a sloth. Ah no, my spare time is usually spent with family and friends, catching up over a mug of tae, going to exhibitions and festivals and playing football back home.

Favourite place to go in Galway for a drink (and drink of choice)?

Oh if it’s a sunny day, you’ll probably find me outside Neacthains sipping on a Dingle gin and tonic, watching the world go by in the bustling Latin Quarter. If I’m out for a bop, you’ll more than likely find me attempting to throw shapes in the silent disco or somewhere along the Westend.

How does it feel to be a woman in the workplace?

Ireland has seen many changes within recent years and we’ve progressed massively as a nation. Women play an important role in the work place. As a woman working, I find myself constantly learning and eager to progress. Motivation empowers women and it’s important to celebrate women in the workplace in doing so. We are leaders, learners and providers. Stand in Awe of all Mná.

Do you take inspiration from any women?

Is it too cheesy to say I’m inspired by the women I’m surrounded by? We’re shaped by the people we spend most of our time with, I’m lucky enough to be from a progressive generation that are proactive in supporting women in all aspects of Irish life.  I’m fortunate enough to have always been surrounded by positive and encouraging friends and family.

Any random facts about yourself?

I’m a fantastic tea maker, and have ridiculously long arms.

Gun to your head, how much do you love working with us?

Erm, is it too early to say I love it? One week in and I’m delighted to be part of such a creative and prosperous team. Marty, Boyd and all the TIG family  are all so sound and I’m really excited about what lies ahead for This Is Galway. Watch out Galway!

This is Lisa