The Spud Chronicles: A Tasty Guide to Galway’s Best Potatoes
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The Spud Chronicles: A Tasty Guide to Galway’s Best Potatoes

Roasted, mashed, fried? Maybe you prefer something a bit more exotic like patatas bravas or potato gratin? Hash browns, French fries.... Either way the possibilities are endless! While National Potato Day takes place on the 19th of August each year, we feel that the spud-tacular diversity of the humble potato should be celebrated all year round. Discover our pick of the best potato based dishes in Galway right here..

Let us know if we missed out on your favourite potato dish and we will be sure to give it a taste!

Chip Cone at Prataí

When those cravings for crispy Irish chips kick in, there’s only one spot in Galway for you – Prátaí. This popular takeaway chip shop is serving up proper chip cones with delicious locally made sauces and toppings. They are open on Shop Street seven days a week as well as in O’Connells Bar’s beer garden, perfect for a mid sesh feed.

above: photo courtesy of Prataí

Hash Brown at Rúibín

The only thing needed to get you through the day is Rúibín’s housemade hash browns with 'nduja, yoghurt, organic greens and soft poached eggs. Available on their lunch menu, treat yourself by adding a cocktail to wash it down and you are in heaven! This is the perfect pick me up midday meal so get in and try it for yourself.

above: photo by @debzjryan, courtesy of Ruibín

Potato and Sausage Bianca Pizza at Wildlands

Have you ever had potatoes on pizza? Well, now you can! Over at The Olive Tree Kitchen at Wildlands a firm favourite amongst all guests is the potato and sausage bianca pizza. This pizza is a spicy sausage and rosemary garlic potato flavour bomb and while we would love to keep it all to ourselves, we just can’t keep quiet about it!

above: photo courtesy of Wildlands

Patatas Bravas at Deli la Tasca

We’ve heard reviews of this dish as being ‘life-changing’ so we feel that it is one you need to have on your radar. The culinary team over at Deli la Tasca know how to create an amazing tapas experience and their patatas bravas always have people coming back for more! Pair all of this with their cosy, comfortable and inviting atmosphere and a glass of Spanish wine and it’s the perfect night out!

above: photo courtesy of Deli La Tasca

Alloo Tikki & Aloo Saag Wala at Spice India

We have two favourites at Spice India both deserving a mention so let’s talk about them! For starters, the alloo tikki is a heavenly dish made with mashed potato, Indian herbs and spices. For mains, the aloo saag wala is a delicious dish of potatoes cooked with fresh spinach and finished with fresh coastal herbs. Both are stunning culinary delights so be sure to get them a taste!

Bangers & Mash at The Cellar

A classically wholesome dish, you will never go wrong with bangers and mash for a meal. We recommend visiting The Cellar Bar for this one as the quality of the mashed potatoes paired with the three jumbo pork sausages and gravy sauce is sublime. It’s a fabulously soul comforting dish so if you’re in need of a bit of TLC this might just be what the doctor ordered!

above: photo courtesy of The Cellar

Canarian Potatoes at 1520

Available as part of the tapas menu at 1520, the canarian potatoes are a homely yet standout dish complete with spicy mojo picón sauce. Perfectly complementary to the other tapas dishes on their menus, we recommended ordering them alongside the croquetas de jambon serrano.

above: photo courtesy of 1520 

Tater Hashers at Smashbird

When in need of a few good taters, the tater hashers at Smashbird are an addictive potato dish you’ll be coming back for time and again. These are delicious fried nuggets of potatoes, ideal for eating on their own or else with one or two of the award-winning sauces, our pick for the sauces are the vegan garlic aioli and the mango mazzaleen.

above: photo of Smashbird, by Ado Lyons

Crispy Chili Spuds at Bierhaus

The food menu at Bierhaus offers a delicious explosion of flavours and we simply can't get enough! Their spuds are an absolute delight and covered in delicious vegan mayo sauce and laoganma. The ideal bar food, this dish is perfect alongside a pint of their craft beer, or perhaps even a cocktail. So, if there's one thing you do for yourself today, treat yourself to these scrumptious spuds, and you can thank us later.

above: photo of Bierhaus

Dirty Fries at Harry’s Bar

The loaded fries at Harry’s Bar are so good they’ve got their own menu; taco fries, fire fries, bacon cheese fries, pizza fries, cajun cheese fries, loaded wedges and truffle fries! These dishes are simply to-die for and are best enjoyed with some cocktails or pints. We can’t pick just one to recommend so check out the menu for yourself and see which of the toppings catches your eye.

above: photo courtesy of Harry's Bar

Feature photo of Prataí

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