The Galway History Quiz #1

The Galway History Quiz #1

Think you're a Galway History Scholar? Well put your historical knowledge to the test and find out how much you know about the past life of The City of the Tribes...

Give it a go below, challenge your friends and let us know how you get on! p.s. we have LOADS of fascinating Galway history articles on our website if you feel like learning a bit more.

1. In what year did Kylemore Secondary School close at Kylemore Abbey?
2. Which ancient Galway item carries the meaning of love, friendship and loyalty?
Claddagh Ring
Aran Sweater
Connemara Marble
Galway Crystal
3. This popular meeting spot was partially damaged by a tsunami in 1755. What is it?
Spanish Arch
Eyre Square
Salthill Prom
The Warwick Hotel
4. The Hardiman Hotel has gone through many changes throughout the years, but what was it originally known as when it first opened in 1852?
The Railway Hotel
Hotel Meyrick
The Great Southern Hotel
The Hardiman
5. Which famous Irish poet has ties to Thoor Ballylee in Gort?
W.B. Yeats
Oscar Wilde
Thomas Moore
Patrick Kavanagh
6. When NUI Galway first opened its doors as a university in 1849, how many students attended?
7. Where can you find one of the last working water wheels in Galway city?
The Bridge Mills
Corrib House
Nun's Island
Galway City Museum
8. Inside the bright blue door of Bowling Green’s smallest house once lived a woman who inspired some of James Joyce’s best work. What was her name?
Nora Barnacle
Mary Jane Murray
Eva May Joyce
Harriet Shaw Weaver
9. On which Aran Island would you find the famous Plassey Wreck?
Inis Oírr
Inis Mór
Inis Meáin
None of them
10. The name of the historic Glenlo Abbey Hotel is a derivative of the Irish placename ‘Glean Locha’. What does Glean Locha translate to?
The Glen of the Lake
The Valley of the Lake
The Clear Lake
The Water Valleys
11. Which Galway Castle features the smallest known Sheela na Gig in Ireland?
Merlin Castle
Menlo Castle
Aughnanure Castle
Clifden Castle
12. On which Galway lake is Castlekirk located?
Lough Corrib
Lough Mask
Lough Derg
Ballyquirke Lake
13. What part of Galway is said to be the oldest fishing village in Ireland?
Kilronan, Aran Islands
14. Oranmore Castle is no stranger to TV and Film coverage, but which of the below does NOT feature this castle?
Scariest Places on Earth (2001)
Alfred the Great (1969)
The Pikeman (2011)
Into the West (1992)
15. What was the bloodiest battle to have been fought on Irish soil?
The Battle of Aughrim
The Battle of Kinsale
The Battle of Magh Slécht
The Battle of Mag Itha
16. What tradition associated with the Salthill Prom will bring you good luck?
Kicking The Wall
Diving off Blackrock
Walking the full length of The Prom
Jumping over 7 waves while making 7 wishes
17. Menlo Castle was once home to which family, one of the original 14 Tribes of Galway?
18. At which East Galway Castle will you find The Killing Room, Ice House and Groin Vault?
Dunsandle Castle
Athenry Castle
Cregg Castle
Oranmore Castle
19. Which Galway city pub’s origins date back to the California Gold Rush of 1849?
Murty Rabbitt's
The Skeff
Taylor's Bar
The Kings Head
20. Generations ago, how long did it take a highly skilled knitter to handknit one Aran Sweater?
60 Days
1 Year
1 Month
45 Days

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The Galway History Quiz #1

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