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GALWAY has so many stories to tell

Having found your favourite spots to see on your next visit to Galway, it’s time to put the wheels in motion. Share your discoveries with your friends and family, get booking and prepare for an incredibly memorable trip.



Sometimes dinner outdoors is just what the doctor ordered and it might be reason enough for you to make a break for Galway! Whether it’s staving off the cold with a cup of coffee or pretending you’re in Spain with the sun on your back, there’s something about dining al fresco that appeals to the senses. Here are some of our favourite spots to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner out in the open…

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Let’s face it, no one ever said brunch was the most important meal of the day. Too many notions and edible flowers are bad for the health, so let’s just focus on what really matters in life: breakfast. Whether it’s a hearty feed to start your day or a big aul bap when you’re hanging, Galway’s got a bit of everything. We here at This is Galway are firm believers in the division of breakfast and lunch, the more meals the merrier. So put on your comfortable pants and get your coat, it’s time for brekkie.

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Food for a fiver in Galway

We’re talking cheap and cheerful — and also delicious — for those days when you’ve just paid rent, or you didn’t feel like being a responsible adult and packing yourself some food for the day. It happens to all of us. No matter how you get there, here are the go-to spots when you’ve got a rabid hunger and a fiver in the pocket (and, okay, maybe a little extra change).

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McCambridges 12th Annual Christmas Food & Wine Fair

From Goat’s Cheese and Seaweed to Whiskey and Foraged Syrups…A Taste of Mc Cambridge’s 12th Annual Christmas Food and Wine Fair!

Exciting and exhilarating food pairings and demonstrations at Galway’s most anticipated 12th Annual Christmas Food and Wine Fair.

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