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GALWAY has so many stories to tell

Having found your favourite spots to see on your next visit to Galway, it’s time to put the wheels in motion. Share your discoveries with your friends and family, get booking and prepare for an incredibly memorable trip.



Cast your mind back to the Galway city of days gone by, where diddley-eye music echoed from every pub and the importance of tradition was in full effect but something was missing. Searching for a safe haven from the trad tunes, a space to listen to really good music, two young lads – Simon and Kevin – broke the mould and on a day like any other in 1994, the golden gates of the Blue Note were thrown open.

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The Blue Note Roadshow

The Blue Note in Galway’s Westend is famed for its legendary atmosphere and amazing nights out, and the team is determined to keep that dancefloor alive and keep the party going.

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Deep within each and every Irish person is an ingrained urge to go on the sesh. Guinness seems to flow through our veins. On Saint Patrick’s Day, we satisfy that urge by singing, dancing and having the ultimate craic. No shnakes allowed.

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