This is Galway

This is Galway

One of the great things about working for This is Galway is you very quickly learn that Galway is full of extremely creative and talented people all trying to make something happen. The second thing you very quickly learn is that Galway isn’t the easiest of places to do this, due to costs, venues and a host of other boring roadblocks.

That’s what makes my first point all the more impressive though, all these people know how hard it is to make a living here, but they stay here because like us we’ve all fallen in love with Galway, it’s history it’s people & it’s potential. The potential is what this page is about, bringing the community of creatives in Galway together to help each other out and with that in mind we asked one such talented Galway head, John from Bulabosca Films to do us a bit of a promo to get Galway out there and more than that because all of us need a reminder sometimes of how lucky we are to live here.

So take 4 minutes out of your day, sit back & enjoy…

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