Sampling Rúibín’s New Winter Cocktail menu with its Creator Dennis O’Neill
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Sampling Rúibín’s New Winter Cocktail menu with its Creator Dennis O’Neill

A process that began back in June, Rúibín has just launched their new winter cocktail menu and it is heaven in a glass. We simply had to speak to and give our thanks to the person responsible for each delicious drink and that person is Master Mixologist Dennis O’Neill. Taking immense pride in his menu, Dennis has made a batch of cocktails that are packed with new flavours and combinations and we guarantee you are all going to love them, now not to give too much away but we believe this cocktail menu may be his best yet!

Eager to discuss the end product of many months’ labour and tastings, Dennis tells us; “If people are interested, then I love nothing more than talking about it.”

Alongside his boozy concoctions,  the menu features three non-alcoholic cocktails. The options for non-alcoholic cocktails change more frequently, and are definitely worth a taste especially if you are driving, or opting for an evening out without alcohol. Dennis explains that they always try to put in the same amount of effort into the non-alcoholic menu and all the ingredients they use in them are homemade.

This is also the first time that some of the other members of the Rúibín team have gotten involved in the making of the cocktail menu. Bar staff, Ciara and Emma both have their place on the menu, Emma with the Smoked & Roasted and Ciara with the non-alcoholic Yuzu Margarita. 

We were lucky enough to sample four of his new cocktail creations, check them out below:

above: The Beekeeper

Cocktail 1. The Beekeeper

This clear and foam topped cocktail was on the cards from the beginning. This drink is a clarified version of The Bee’s Knees and is light, refreshing and way too easy to drink. Dennis tells us, he mixes in all the ingredients and filters it through coagulated milk and this is what gives it a smooth texture. Currently this is the most popular cocktail on their menu and definitely one of our favourites.
Ingredients: Method & Madness Gin, Honey, Lemon, Lavender, Pollen, Foam, Clarified with Milk. 

above: Chocolate Stout Espresso 

Cocktail 2. Chocolate Stout Espresso

A new version of the Espresso Martini, this cocktail starts with a pour of Guinness in the glass and then a standard Espresso Martini measurement of Borghetti, an Italian coffee bean liqueur and then Istil Irish Vanilla vodka. Topped off then with a pour of Mozart Chocolate Cream liqueur, this liqueur tastes like a liquid nutella and adds a rich milk chocolate flavour to the cocktail. The overall result is a luxurious full blend of chocolate and coffee topped with a classic and iconic Guinness head.
Ingredients: Istil Vanilla, Borghetti, Chocolate Cream, Espresso, Guinness, Salt.

above: Love & Lemons

Cocktail 3. Love & Lemons

This heavenly and heavily citrusy cocktail, speaks to a love of lemons (hence the name) and the resulting drink is a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. This drink includes Dennis’ own Limoncello, which they plan to sell bottled in time for Christmas, and is possibly why this cocktail was my favourite out of the four we sampled. The finished cocktail is a stunning colour and it tastes every bit as good as it looks.
Ingredients: Woodford Reserve, House Limoncello, Citron Syrup, Angostura, Egg White. 

above: Meadow Soprano

Cocktail 4. Meadow Soprano

If Dennis had to pick a favourite from the list, this one is it! It’s a gorgeous balance of sweet and tart. ‘Meadow Soprano’ is Tony Soprano’s daughter and then its base, the Italian Grappa, made using the waste products of the grape and the Móinéir Blackberry Irish Wine, móinéir meaning meadow in Irish. Rúibín is one of the few places in Galway that stocks Móinéir Irish Wine so be sure to put this on your radar. The cocktail’s ruby colour sparkles thanks to the design of the glassware and the Champagne bubbles. Tart, boozy, bubbly and delicious, the Meadow Soprano is a super well balanced cocktail that is perfect for the upcoming dark winter evenings.
Ingredients: Grappa, Blackberry, Thyme, Móinéir Irish Wine, Champagne.

Some more menu options include the Rúibín Bru (served warm), this winter warmer is Dennis’ version of the classic hot toddy and the Spicy Marg, which was first dreamed up for their barbecue collaboration with Bierhaus earlier this year. The new winter cocktail menu will be available until the new year. Be sure to visit Rúibín to see the full menu as we’ve only included a handful here. To book your table at Rúibín, head over to their website For booking of over 6 people please contact them by emailing

All photos by Ado Lyons. 

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