Revisit 1999 at Pálás Cinema this Summer
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Revisit 1999 at Pálás Cinema this Summer

This summer in Galway, we are going back 25 years to 1999 with Pálás Cinema's new summer season series. In the year 1999 we saw some of the most revolutionary and iconic films grace our screens for the very first time and now you can relive these classics on the big screen at Pálás this July and August.

Twenty-Five years on… Would you have taken the red or blue pill? Did you think those students were really lost in the woods? Were you tempted to join an elitist cult or clique? 1999, a year that surely shaped modern cinema, laying the groundwork for a new era of teen superstars and visionary directors. Was it the year cinema was at its best or were people looking for escapism for fear of the Millenium Bug?

It’s time to swap Whatsapp for Wassssup?! Get ready for a 1999 makeover as this summer Pálás in Galway city have dug deep into the archives and dusted off their tinted glasses to treat audiences to a feast full of seduction, satire, suspicion and supernatural including the Sarah Michelle Gellar and co in Cruel Intentions, the ever-relevant Election, the sun-soaked The Talented Mr. Ripley and of course the Wachowskis breaking ground with The Matrix.

Loyalty+ members will not only relish in a wistful trip down memory lane on screen, but their wallets will also enjoy nostalgic ticket prices with season events at 1999 pricing (€4.99). To sign up to Pálás Cinema's loyalty programme ahead of the season, please tap here.

Members can enjoy a nostalgia riddled quiz night to launch the season on Thursday July 4th. It will be time to party like it’s 1999, with a Cruel Intentions party on July 20th, expect more classics than Now That’s What I Call Music! 42. Throughout the season there will be an emphasis on sustainable fashion as well as a book swap for The Talented Mr. Ripley on August 5th. Regular events such as Drink & Draw, karaoke and video games will be back at Pálás bar with a 90’s spin.

On planning the season, Pálás programmer William Fitzgerald commented:

“Are we feeling nostalgic? Maybe! But not just for the films of our formative years. Rather, for a time when studios took big swings on a variety of genres, forms, and directorial visions for films. 1999 represented a confluence; as one century bumped up against the next, so too did the arthouse and the mainstream, resulting in a bumper crop of weird, fun, thought-provoking films.

Depending on the month, your local cinema could have been playing Paul Thomas Anderson’s narratively ambitious Magnolia, Kaufman & Jonze’s surreal existentialist comedy Being John Malkovich, or the Wachowski’s era-defining cyber-delic sci-fi The Matrix. The indie sector was no slouch that year either; Lynne Ramsey’s debut Ratcatcher, Almodóvar’s All About My Mother, Claire Denis’s Beau Travail…the list goes on. Catch them all and many more at Pálás this summer!”

The films that will feature throughout July and August are:

10 Things I Hate About You on July 27th at 6.30pm, get your tickets here.
All About My Mother on August 18th at 1pm, get your tickets here.
Beau Travail on August 25th at 2pm + 26th at 6.30pm, get your tickets here.
Being John Malkovich on August 17th at 9pm, get your tickets here.
Bringing out the Dead on July 29th at 6.15pm, get your tickets here.
Cruel Intentions on July 20th at 8.30pm, get your tickets here.
Drop Dead Gorgeous on July 6th at 7pm, get your tickets here.
Election on August 10th at 9pm, get your tickets here.
Magnolia on August 23rd at 8.30pm, get your tickets here.
Ratcatcher on July 28th at 8pm, get your tickets here.
Sleepy Hollow on August 31st at 6.20pm, get your tickets here.
The Blair Witch Project on August 3rd at 9pm, get your tickets here.
The Iron Giant on July 21st at 12pm + July 23rd at 6.30pm, get your tickets here.
The Matrix on July 31st at 8.30pm, get your tickets here.
The Mummy on July 5th at 8.30pm, get your tickets here.
The Straight Story on August 4th at 2pm, get your tickets here.
The Talented Mr. Ripley on August 5th at 2pm, get your tickets here.
The Virgin Suicides (4K restoration) on August 21st at 6.20pm, get your tickets here.

To read all about the full lineup of films that will be screening as part of the 1999 season at Pálás Cinema in Galway this summer, please hit the link here. Additionally for all information regarding the screening lineup at Pálás Cinema and to sign up to their loyalty programme please visit their website at

1999 season artwork designed by Conor Merriman.

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