What Type Of Galwegian Are You?

The county of Galway is home to some serious characters and we’ve got huge love for each and every one of you! Whether you’re a Guinness aficionado or a divil for a bag of cans, an early riser or a night owl, every type of individual can find their tribe right here in Galway. If you’ve been wondering what type of Galwegian you are, we’ve put together a little quiz to help you figure it out. Answer honestly…
How’s your Irish?
Ah not too bad now, how’s yours?
Not as good as I would like but I’m taking a course to improve my Módh Cionníollach
I’m constantly trying to improve it
Well, I went to the Gaeltacht every summer in school so I would say it’s go han-mhaith ar fad
Well I do tune into TG4 every Sunday
I’m a pure Gaelgoir
Let’s just say it’s been a while
What’s your drink of choice?
You can’t bate a warm, flat can of Galahad on a sunny day
A glass of merlot
A smoothie
Gin and tonic - the bigger the goblet, the better
Pint of Heineken
A creamy pint of Guinness
Pub of choice?
Feck the pub, it’s sparching all the way for me
You can’t chat in pubs! I prefer a quiet one in The Black Gate
An Púcán
Taylor’s Bar - a spot by the big screen is essential
Tigh Neachtain’s
O’Connell’s Bar
Favourite restaurant?
Ah sure the deli will do me - chicken fillet rolls for the win
Aniar or Loam - you literally cannot beat Michelin star
Greens & Co
Hyde Bar
A burger and a pint in the Front Door
Bacon and cabbage in Monroe’s
Anywhere with good parking near it
What’s your ideal lunch break?
There’s good soakage in a Boojum burrito
A seat beside the fire in Kai, a slice of carrot cake in one hand and a good book in the
A vegan curry in the serene surrounds of The Secret Garden
Sipping an iced coffee from Pascals while listening to a podcast
Flicking through the sports section over a full Irish in The Cellar
Soup and a sambo in Taaffes
I bring my own hang and cheese sandwiches from home
Sunday morning activity?
I haven’t seen the morning in years - the day starts at 2pm for me
Curled up with a flat white, reading the headlines
Braving the elements by diving off Blackrock
A wander through Shop Street
Checking the day’s odds on Paddy Power
A drive out to Clifden would heal the soul
What’s your perfect date night?
I’m more of a shifter and drifter myself
A night of theatre at the Town Hall followed by an espresso martini in The Universal
A night in with a takeaway - we all deserve a cheat meal
A bowl of pasta in the Latin Quarter before a drink and dance in Busker Brownes to top it off
A trip to the Sportsground
A trad session in Tig Cóilí cannot be beaten
A drink in O’Connor’s Famous Pub - you never know who you’d run into!
What appears most frequently on your Spotify playlists?
You know the one that goes unce unce unce?
You probably wouldn’t have heard of it
High energy motivational tracks
Anything in the charts really
Anything from the FIFA 20 soundtrack
The Saw Doctors
What’s Spotify?
What’s the first thing you do on pay day?
Buy a new speaker for the gaff
I’ll be booking some tickets for the theatre
Treat myself to some new gym gear
I’m straight in to the shops - money burns a hole in my pocket
Buy a new jersey for match day
Cash goes straight under the mattress!
Top up the retirement fund
Favourite smell?
Tied between a fresh pouch of Amber Leaf and a can of Lynx Africa
You can’t beat the smell of a new book
There’s nothing like that salty sea breeze
Mint, fresh fruit, syrups, liquors… basically anything that goes in a cocktail
Bundee Aki’s sweat from the sideline
A hot whiskey - lemon, cloves and all
A freshly brewed cup of tea
What sound fills you with the most joy?
A can cracking open… I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it
There’s a lot to be said for some smooth jazz
Waves crashing against the rocks
The cheer of the crowd at the Galway Races
You can’t bate The Sunday Game theme tune
The beat of the bodhrán
The dulcet tones of Daniel O’Donnell
Favourite Galway landmark
Spanish Arch
Galway City Museum
The Salthill Prom
Eyre Square
Pearse Stadium
At this stage I’m nearly a landmark myself!
Kylemore Abbey
How do you cure a hangover?
Straight back on it
Everything in moderation!
Coffee, black
Gallons and gallons of water
A pint of Mi Wadi - the old reliable
A good sized mug of tea and two digestives
I accept defeat and move on

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