The Irish Lyric Quiz

We have an abundance of Irish artists with amazing songs, but how well do you listen to the actual words? Or do you just mumble along to the tune? We have a test to see how you truly listen to music and how many lyrics you remember. Are you an Irish music lyric master? Find out now!
1. Niall Horan sings "God only knows where this could go, and even if our love starts to grow outta control, and you and me go up in flames..." What's the next line?

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Heaven won't be the same
We'll escape on the train
We will still remain
Baby, we can fight the strain
2. U2 has these lyrics in their song 'Beautiful Day', but what follows them? "It's a beautiful day..."
Don't let it get away
In the maze of her imagination
With or without you
Let's dance and sway
3. Gavin James sings "I'd rather choke on my bad decisions, than just carry them to my grave..." What's the next line?
You're in my head, always, always, always
Take my hand
Away, away, away
You make my day
4. Sinéad O'Connor sang "I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant, but nothing, I said nothing can take away these blues..." Can you remember what's next?
'Cause nothing compares, nothing compares to you
No matter what I try, I still cry
These vibrant hues
Where did I go wrong?
5. The Cranberries sang hit song 'Zombie', but what follows these lyrics? "In your head, in your head, they're still fighting..."

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With their tanks and their bombs
Please make it stop
Do, do, do, do
Striking with lightning
6. Picture This sings "take my hand, and we can go walking..." What do they sing next?
And we can talk about whatever is on your mind
Hiking and laughing together
Away from the world
Out on the town
7. What's next in this Joe Dolan song? "Oh me oh my you make me sigh..."
You're such a good looking woman
It's not unusual to find out I'm in love with you
Even sometimes I cry, I can't lie
Don't waste my time
8. Dermot Kennedy sings "the only one I know, the only one on my mind..." Finish the next line.
You got that power over me
Every time (my my)
Oh, oh, oh, oh
The only one so kind
9. Boy band Westlife sang "you raise me up to walk on stormy seas, I am strong when I am on your shoulders..." Can you remember what they sing next?
You raise me up to more than I can be
Don't drop me, don't drop me
You hear my pleas
Up, up, up
10. Hozier sings "only then I am human, only then I am clean..." in 'Take Me to Church', but what comes next?

Photo courtesy of Robin Little / Redferns
Oh, oh, Amen, Amen, Amen
There's so much more I could be
Human is how you see me
Oh, please, please, please

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