We’re having the chats with #PeopleofGalway for the craic — messers and chancers, artists and tourists, buskers and shopkeepers, and any other unwitting victims we meet on the street.

#ThisIsGalway “I came to Ireland in 1999, I was busking. I was working and busking every day and night on the street. My English was very bad, and so at the start it was lonely. After that, I applied for a course in Art and Design, and I got a degree in painting – I’m a painter. And so, I realised my dream. I love it here. I love it because it’s quiet, there is everything, you know? It’s not big, not small, a lot of tourists and a lot of stuff to do. Arts, cinema, Connemara, Burren, et cetera – the West is the best! I hope to stay for a couple of years more.”
– Lorenzo

Photo by Ciarán MacChoncarraige