We’re having the chats with #PeopleofGalway for the craic — messers and chancers, artists and tourists, buskers and shopkeepers, and any other unwitting victims we meet on the street.

#ThisIsGalway “Mick had the Púcán at the time. I remember one time there were these Americans and they started taking pictures in the pub. I’m always a joker, I like to have a bit of fun like, so I decided to be funny, wet my forehead and stuck the beermat to it like this, you know? So, they sent back the pictures to the pub, and I saw that Mickey had put the picture of me up on the wall one day, and then his friends at the time decided to do a painting of it! Mickey framed the painting, put it up on his wall, and he’s brought it to three or four pubs since then. It’s nice to see it still in the corner there. That was 15 years ago, now.”

– Jimmy

Photo by Ciarán MacChoncarraige