We’re having the chats with #PeopleofGalway for the craic — messers and chancers, artists and tourists, buskers and shopkeepers, and any other unwitting victims we meet on the street.

#ThisIsGalway “Oh, we’ve good craic here alright, in the sewers. It’s usually some poor cunt falling over and landing his nose and mouth in it, you do always get a laugh out of it. Them like “You’se never fuckin’ told me about that hole”.
There do be rats as big as cats, they’re as big as cats in there. We were working outside Pearse St. Garda Station one time and this rat came out of a fuckin’ pipe, swear to god, he was that fuckin’ big. He ran up and over me leg and out over me’ shoulder – you’d want to have heard the roars from me that day! The Sergeant from the station came out and he thought somebody was getting murdered. Like, I’m coming up through the manhole, and he’s shouting down the hole “Is everything alright?!” and I go “Yeah, I’m only after seeing a cunt of a fuckin’ rat!.”
– Drew Moore

Photo by Ciarán MacChoncarraige