Ones to Watch: Tune into Telebox

Ones to Watch: Tune into Telebox

Local Galway band Telebox have a sound to be reckoned with. Passionate as well as reinforced by the veil of optimism inspired by youth, they’re working towards the preservation of one of the few sacrosanct art forms left: rock ‘n’ roll.

We were thrilled to spend an evening chatting with Telebox about their journey thus far, what playing together means to them, and what lays on the horizon for the band.

Telebox is composed of four members; Joe Kelly on vocals and guitar, Stevie Healy on drums, Eoin Killeen on bass, and Conall Ó Floinn on guitar. They started playing together in April of 2022. Since then, they’ve been steadfast in spreading joy through their music. “Being able to connect with others and share this is what I love so much about being in a band,” notes Stevie. The vibrance they exude shouldn’t be confused with naivety - their grasp on the world is real, and their message is indisputable.

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From left to right// Conall Ó Floinn, Stevie Healy, Eoin Killeen, and Joe Kelly

There’s clarity of thought found through their creative process. “It’s sometimes difficult to really say how you feel about something” says Conall, “but when you put a chord to it, it makes an awful lot more sense.” There’s also a discernible notion of comfort found in music; that’s something Telebox hones in on. Eoin says, “I just like making things that exude the feeling of, that’s nice.. I want people to listen to the things we play and think, that’s really great.” Music can be the solace in the universal, the language that unites. It can tear the inside of us apart, while simultaneously acting as the bandage on the open wound.

While their songs find their genesis in truth and realism, the resolute feeling is the indiscernible experience of longing that encourages our efforts to connect with one another. Their most recent singles, Signs of Joy and Platonic Plague, veil that desire for connection in energetic and upbeat tunes. They hope to make music that reflects inward, but also encourages people to, as Joe puts it, “fuckin’ dance, move, this is a wonderful thing.

Telebox Gig

When they take to the stage, the cover of individualism is shed. This is a place where their collective talents unite each other, and the audience. To attain that, dialogue proves vital. “One of my lines was… I don't care if you hit someone, kiss someone, or spit on someone. I said something like that at the gig and all I saw were my mother’s eyes looking at me… but I just think it’s about letting loose,” says Joe. Even in these moments of fervent expression in the hunt for understanding, parental influence is indispensable.

This is just the beginning for the band. With more upcoming gigs and an EP on the way, Telebox are claiming their spot on the stages of Galway and in the airwaves as well. “There is lots to come soon from us” says Stevie, “...we are so excited for people to finally get a chance to hear more of our music.” Their effort to connect has been fruitful, their sound is curiously addictive. What sustains this, is the true devotion they have for making music with each other and then sharing it with the world.

To stay up to date on everything upcoming from Telebox, you can find their Instagram @_telebox_

Photos courtesy of Telebox

Feature Photo by Leo Seoighthe

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