It’s A Foodie’s Paradise at The Creamery, Salthill
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It’s A Foodie’s Paradise at The Creamery, Salthill

In our April/May edition of the This is Galway magazine, we shone a spotlight on some of the amazing cafés, restaurants and bars that call Salthill home. In this article we are sharing with you the amazing variety of great tasting dishes at The Creamery...

Evenings spent by the seaside are the setting to many a-happy memory in Salthill, and one spot that plays an important role in creating these moments is The Creamery. This is a casual and family-orientated café, bistro and ice cream parlour that has loads to offer guests, whether they are on the go or want to sit-in and unwind. Their food and drink menus accommodate a diverse palate and they’ve just added pizza to their evening menu giving you even more options to love. Their ice cream is the best in the area and they’ve now got a vegan ice cream to offer too.

Our insider’s tip: after a trip to the beach, pop across the road into The Creamery to enjoy loads of tasty treats. It doesn’t matter who you’re with, family, friends, or travelling solo as this eatery caters to each and every taste, no matter if you want a pastry and smoothie or a more substantial meal with a pint of beer or glass of wine. A bonus recommendation: sit in their outdoor area so that you can take in all the bustle of Salthill while you dine. To order for takeaway visit their website at

All photos by Ciarán MacChoncarraige.

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