The Good News of Galway!
Good News

The Good News of Galway!

We love hearing all the good news stories from Galway. So, every week we pull together our favourite stories to share with you, our lovely readers! Read on to see our picks for this week...

New Initiatives by Ollscoil na Gaillimhe and Gaillimh le Gaeilge to Promote Irish 

Galway City Mayor, Cllr. Clodagh Higgins has launched two new initiatives that will aim to promote the use of spoken Irish in Galway City. The new initiatives are supported by Ollscoil na Gaillimhe and Gaillimh le Gaeilge. The objective of the plan, in line with Government policy, is to increase, on an incremental basis, the communicative use and knowledge of Irish in Galway city as a community language. The plan includes the creation of a local directory, along with badges, to identify those who can speak Irish. This move is welcome across the city and we’re thrilled to see the Irish language being encouraged and promoted in Galway.

Harry’s Bar 5th Birthday Celebration Success

This past week Harry’s Bar celebrated their 5th birthday! And boy did they celebrate. The bar had an amazing deal to salute their 5 years in business; €5 cocktails, €5 burgers, and €5 for two pints! We saw hundreds of patrons lining up and down the street to get in and enjoy this incredible deal. We love the businesses of Galway, and are always so excited to see them succeed. Happy birthday and congratulations Harry’s! 

Galway Performs First Robotic-Guided Heart Surgery in Ireland and UK

Surgeons in Galway have carried out the very first robotic assisted coronary intervention in Ireland and the UK. This is an incredible medical and technological breakthrough, and we’re thrilled to see this all happening in our lovely city. This technology was used in stent procedures with the aim of relieving blockages in the heart’s arteries. This technology allows for a more precise procedure. Amazing job to all who were involved in this incredible advancement!  

Family of Scotty's Restaurant showing up for each other in a time of need 

Here’s a feel good story for you - the amazing family behind Scotty’s Famous Burgers and Wings is showing up for each other in the most incredible way. Andrew, who is the son of Jenny and Scotty, will receive a long sought after kidney transplant from a close to home source, his mom Jenny. This is a miracle of modern medicine and a credit to the hard work and dedication of the truly wonderful teams at Merlin Park and Beaumont Hospitals, and the support of the Irish Kidney Association. Best of luck to Andrew in your recovery! 

If you have any good news stories we would love to hear them! Send them and we'll get them featured!

Feature Photo by @chaoshengzhang.

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