Galway Chocolatier Gráinne Mullins Seeks Community Support to Build Dream Factory

Galway Chocolatier Gráinne Mullins Seeks Community Support to Build Dream Factory

Forbes 30 Under 30 chocolatier Gráinne Mullins, founder of Grá Chocolates, is taking a big leap forward. The award-winning Grá Chocolates launched a Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday, July 9th, 2024 for 30 days, to build their own permanent home – a state-of-the-art chocolate factory located along the Wild Atlantic Way in Galway, Ireland.

Rising Rents, Seeking Stability
Founded during lockdown, Grá Chocolates has soared in popularity. However, rising rent costs threaten to stall their progress. "I love my business and I truly think I have the dream job," says Mullins, "but it's hard to see the future when costs just keep rising and rising." With a strong pre-launch reception on LinkedIn and Instagram, Grá Chocolates is confident that their passionate community will support their journey to a permanent home.

Building a Dream Factory, Building a Community
“We need a permanent home to continue crafting exceptional chocolate experiences for our customers,” says Mullins. “This factory gives us complete control and reduces reliance on fluctuating rent costs. It also opens exciting possibilities for the future.”

Going Beyond Delicious Chocolate
The new factory is more than just a production facility. It's a vision for a vibrant community hub, featuring:
Interactive Visitor Centre: Educate and entertain visitors with an immersive chocolate making experience.
Retail Shop: Offer a delightful selection of Grá Chocolates and unique treats.
State-of-the-Art Chocolate Factory: Witness the magic of chocolate making first-hand through factory tours.
Innovator Hub: Empower aspiring entrepreneurs by providing access to state-of-the-art equipment and mentorship to launch their food and beverage ventures.
Content Studio: Offer a space for Grá Chocolates and external businesses to create high-quality content.

The project prioritises sustainability, utilising local ingredients, B Corp chocolate, and eco-friendly packaging. They plan to incorporate energy-efficient measures such as solar panels and sustainable heating systems into the new factory design.

Building Together with the Grá Community
To help realise this vision, Grá Chocolates is launching a Kickstarter campaign with a fundraising target of €50,000. Supporter rewards include everything from having your name on a chocolate fountain, a year's supply of Grá Chocolates, to truly exclusive experiences like having your very own pop-up Grá Chocolates shop or an exclusive dinner party cooked for you in your own home by Gráinne Mullins herself!

“We want our customers to be part of this journey,” says Mullins. “Through Kickstarter, we can share our story and offer exciting rewards for their invaluable support."

Transparency is Key
Grá Chocolates acknowledges the potential challenges, including unforeseen construction hurdles and the need for additional funding sources. They promise open communication and regular updates for their supporters.

Join the Grá Chocolates Story
By supporting the Kickstarter campaign, chocolate lovers and community champions can help Grá Chocolates create a delicious destination that fosters innovation and celebrates Galway's vibrant spirit.

Follow Grá Chocolates' journey on social media and their Kickstarter page for more updates.

All photos courtesy of Grá Chocolates.

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