How Freddy’s is keeping it fresh
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How Freddy’s is keeping it fresh

Known to many as one of Galway’s most illustrious dining spots, Freddy’s Italian Restaurant is an iconic city landmark. Located on bustling Quay Street, they have always attracted locals and visitors alike. In recent years Freddy’s has experienced a rebirth of sorts. But their core ethos of hospitality and amazing food remain the same. As one of Galway’s first authentic Italian dining experiences, Freddy’s has consistently been a place of comfort and quality food, nourishing both body and soul!

For over 30 years now, Freddy’s has been a family-run restaurant offering some of the best Italian food in the city. One of the most important ingredients of a successful family business are the members of the team who are apart of the day-to-day. With staff members who are equal doses of passionate and kind, the dedication and love they hold for Freddy’s is clear. This feeling seeps into every corner and fold of the restaurant, making it a lively and unforgettable dining experience.

When you spend an evening dining at Freddy’s you feel like you’re with family. Attentive and genuine, they take the utmost pride in their team. Luigi, a member of their staff, is the prime example of enthusiastic, kind, and thoughtful! By treating customers like friends and family, the staff are dedicated to making your time at Freddy’s a comfortable and memorable experience.

Combining the best of both Irish and Italian ingredients, Freddy’s menu is sprawling with options that are as authentic as they are delicious. There is no lack of creativity - with menu specials that excite taste buds, there is always something new to try. For starters, the burrata salad is served on a bed of greens with ripe cherry tomatoes, and absolutely melts in your mouth. The burrata is rich and creamy, and when balanced with the fresh greens, an obvious choice to start off your meal.
Freddy's Burrata
The seafood linguine, a Freddy’s favourite, is artfully arranged with fresh clams, prawns, mussels, and squid in a white wine tomato sauce. Loaded with flavour, this is a must try menu item. You can taste the freshness of the seafood in every bite, and it pairs exceptionally well with the sauce, and handmade linguine serves as a delicious base.
Freddy’s pizzas are another hallmark of the restaurant. Through their many years of operation, they have perfected their pizza dough recipe, and prepare it fresh every day. Light, airy and crispy, their woodfired pizza is a staple on their menu. The pizza menu has everything from their signature margherita, to a pepperoni and honey pizza. The creatives in the kitchen are also sure to have unique and flavourful options for their specials menu. By using the freshest and seasonal ingredients, the pizza specials are reason enough to keep coming back for more! And there’s nothing better than punctuating your meal with an incredible desert. Their tiramisu is 100% Italian, and about as authentic as you’ll get. Rich and classic flavours are found in every menu item at Freddy’s!
Freddy's inside
What sets Freddy’s apart is their dedication to truly authentic ingredients and flavours. Using solely ingredients sourced directly from Italy, or locally sourced Irish products, the restaurant goes above and beyond in ensuring the best Italian dining experience. This is evident in the presentation, and taste of every item on the menu. You’re sure to have fresh and delicious food every time you visit.

Over three decades in and Freddy’s continues to remain an iconic Galway landmark. This is a direct result of the passion and love the staff and family members have for the restaurant, as well as Galway’s love for the establishment. While holding their core beliefs and values close, Freddy’s has eagerly moved into a refreshed look and feel. With more exciting developments to happen this summer (like new menu items and a cocktail menu on the horizon) we can’t wait to go back!

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