For Fork’s Sake – Armorica’s Aubergine Tarte Tatin

For Fork’s Sake – Armorica’s Aubergine Tarte Tatin

As you may already know, we're huge fans of Galway's foodie culture. Although we can't visit our favourite restaurants right now, we thought we'd bring a taste of Galway grub, right to your door. Teaming up with some of the best restaurants and cafes in town, For Fork Sake is an online recipe series for you to try and recreate your favourite dishes at home.

Aubergine Tarte Tatin

For a show-stopping vegetarian dish, try Armorica's recipe for a delicious French aubergine tarte tatin... It's a little bit different but surprisingly delicious. Aubergines are just back in season so this is the ideal way to take advantage of all that tasty fresh produce!

Armorica Oranmore


3 large aubergines
300g homemade shortcrust pastry
125g sugar
90g butter
1 vanilla pod


1. Slice the aubergine in 1cm thick circles.
2. In a large pan (10 inches diameter) gently butter melt your butter, add the sugar and the inside of the vanilla pod, and add the aubergine so it covers the entire pan.
3. Cook gently... Flip the aubergine or use a spoon to cover the aubergine with the liquid until caramelised and soft.
4. When ready, flatten the pastry to the size of the pan and cover the aubergine.
5. Bake in the oven at 180°c for 10 minutes or until the crust is a nice golden brown colour.
6. Allow to cool for 2 minutes, then place a large plate over the pan and flip the Tarte upside down.
7. Serve with whipped cream and enjoy.

Tip: Ensure the pan you use is oven friendly, one that doesn't have a plastic handle!
To give this an added kick, try a bit of Berry liqueur in the whipped cream. It's also delicious if you toast some almonds or cashew nuts for a bit of crunch. This Tarte can also be done with Apple or pear instead of aubergine.

Armorica Oranmore

With a strong focus on innovative cuisine and locally-sourced food, Armorica are bringing something new to Oranmore. Their seafood and meat comes from the west coast, and most of their cheeses and dairy come from producers in Galway! Their fresh veg is usually organic and locally-sourced, as well.

Upstairs from the restaurant they offer boutique accommodation in modern lodgings, recently renovated and decorated for the purpose. The rooms are comfortable and spacious and, best of all, you have Armorica’s restaurant right downstairs! For a relaxed and delicious meal or a getaway weekend, head to Armorica.

For more info on Armorica, click here.

Armorica Oranmore

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