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18th July | 18:00 - 20:00

The Lioness, The Potion, and The Wardrobe

We are invited to question where the edges of the self end and the external world begins. As we witness a feisty, beautiful woman shape-shift and dance through various constructed identities and spirits, we see paradoxes of creative expression play out. The curated and invented can be the most revealing, radically honest communication, and to lean into the human form as an object to be adorned is to fully embody the self as an expansive, energetic being.

The Lioness, The Potion, and The Wardrobe investigates the worlds we can create within the chambers of our experience and the portal into meaning that is creative expression. To be an artist is to allow your soul to show itself beyond the limits of your body. When we are lucky enough to be invited into someone’s home, heart, and imagination, fantastic beauty is revealed. All shots were done using various film stocks, adding a tactile, nostalgic quality to the exploration.

This series encapsulates the essence of collaborative creativity during a time of isolation, highlighting how friendships can yield profound artistic revelations. Through Claxton’s lens, the lioness’s transformations reveal the power of personal expression and the boundless nature of identity within the confines of our immediate surroundings.

Event Date
18th July 2024 - 18th July 2024
Event Time
18:00 - 20:00
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Portershed 1
Portershed 1
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Bowling Green H91 HE9E
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