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6th July | 20:00 -

Humanity Dick: A Tale of Beasts and Bullets at Clifden Station House Theatre

In June, Clifden Station House Theatre commemorates the 200th anniversary of the world’s first SPCA in London, a landmark event intertwined with Connemara’s history.

Join Seán Leonard as he vividly recounts the captivating tale of Richard “Humanity Dick” Martin, co-founder of the SPCA and a central figure in animal welfare. Martin, known for his colorful life, ranging from dueling to bankruptcy, tirelessly championed both his honor and animal rights amidst the tumultuous Age of Revolution. From his early days as a renowned duelist to his later years advocating for animal protection laws, Martin’s journey is marked by resilience and dedication. Despite personal trials, including his wife’s affair and legal battles, Martin’s legacy endures through his pivotal role in establishing legal safeguards for animals. Join in an engaging exploration of Martin’s remarkable life, culminating in his lasting contribution to animal welfare and the founding of the SPCA.

Event Date
6th July 2024 - 6th July 2024
Event Time
20:00 -
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Clifden Station House Theatre
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Clifden Station House,
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