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28th March | 18:30 -

Ethereal Magazine: Art Exhibition Evening at West End Art Collective

The Essence of Vulnerability is an art exhibition held in the West End Art Collective, showcasing local artists of varying media.

Ethereal Magazine is a student curated magazine and cultural group in University of Galway.

A wide variety of art was submitted during our open-call, holding themes of nature, balance, femininity, sexuality, and adolescence. What do these topics have in common? Vulnerability. None of these phenomena would be able to exist, let alone flourish, without exposing themselves to fragility. Without putting oneself in a risky, vulnerable position, growth is impossible.

That being said, West End Art Collective wish to showcase all that exists within the realm of vulnerability— beauty, love, loss, weakness, and everything in between.

Event Date
28th March 2023 - 28th March 2023
Event Time
18:30 -
Event Category
West End Art Collective
Galway's Westend
Event Address
2 Dominick Street Upper,
H91 PY74,
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Ticket Price
Free Entry
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