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6th April | 12:00 - 13:00

Donal Kelly – Artist Talk at Outset Gallery

Join Outset Gallery for a free artist talk event with exhibiting artist Donal Kelly as he discusses the inspirations and concepts behind “Walking Edges.

This session aims to dissect the synthesis of visual and literary landscapes within Donal’s work, illuminating how literature complements and expands the narrative depth of his photographic exploration.

“Walking Edges” stands as a testament to Donal Kelly’s dedication, encapsulated through extensive walks along Ireland’s Atlantic Coast. Through the medium of analogue photography, Kelly not only captures the essence of these landscapes but also weaves a narrative that intersects with the literary, enhancing the viewer’s engagement with themes of place and belonging. The choice of black and white imagery serves to accentuate the textural depth and contrasts within these landscapes, inviting a contemplation of their layered histories and the transient nature of geographical and human change.

This talk will explore the multifaceted layers of the exhibition, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of the artistic dialogue between the imagery and the textual narratives that inspire it.

The event is aimed at those intrigued by the intersection of photography with literary narrative, the storied landscapes of Ireland, and the intricate ways in which art and literature can coalesce to portray the complexities of memory, place, and identity.

Event Date
6th April 2024 - 6th April 2024
Event Time
12:00 - 13:00
Event Category
Outset Gallery
City Centre
Event Address
Unit 14&15 The Cornstore,
Middle Street / St Augustine Street
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