Mary Mullens Iconic Galway city centre bar

Nestled in the lively heart of Galway’s city centre, Mary Mullens Bar stands apart as a timeless gem, drawing patrons into its welcoming space.

Steeped in comfort and tradition, the bar exudes a warm atmosphere that greets people the moment they step through the door. One of the highlights of Mary Mullens Bar is their large Courtyard. A sunlit oasis amidst Galway city’s busyness, this large beer garden is adorned with neon-lights and Asian influenced decor, at Mary Mullens guests can enjoy a fusion of Galway’s rich history and contemporary Asian inspired flair, in a setting that both feels both familiar and refreshingly modern.

As a hub for both locals and tourists, Mary Mullens Bar has become synonymous with the spirit of Galway, embodying the city’s dynamic energy and embracing its cultural diversity. Whether you are after a laid-back afternoon in the Courtyard with cocktails, a vibrant evening with friends or a day filled with Asian inspired street food, Mary Mullens invites you to be part of an experience that you’ll never forget.

Opening hours
Sunday - Thursday: 12PM - 11:30PM | Friday/Saturday: 12PM - 12:30AM
Business Type
Bar & Beer Garden
Eyre Square
10 Prospect Hill,
H91 F201
Phone : 091722064 View Map
  • - Beer garden
  • - Live sports
  • - Disabled access
  • - All major credit cards accepted

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