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Barr an Chaladh A treasured watering hole for tourists and locals alike

A treasured watering hole for tourists and locals alike, Barr an Chaladh is known far and wide for its lively Irish music offerings seven nights a week, its signature energetic atmosphere and the instant sense of community it creates.

Once you stick your head inside, strangers become friends and it won’t be long until the whole lot spill out onto the street, bringing the craic into the heart of Woodquay. Bursting at the seams with personality and charm, this pub stays true to its roots with their old Irish décor – and there’s plenty of humour-filled placards littering the walls to keep you well entertained. Bringing together old and young from far and wide, the fire never goes out at Barr an Chaladh and the good times are always on tap.

Opening hours
Sunday - Thursday: 10am - 11.30pm | Friday/Saturday: 10am - 12.30am
Business Type
Traditional Irish Bar
Daly's Place,
3 Woodquay,
Phone : +35391895762 View Map

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