Announcing the Galway Film Fleadh Award Winners
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Announcing the Galway Film Fleadh Award Winners

The 35th edition of the Galway Film Fleadh has come to an end, but not without announcing the Award Winners from this year's festival! Find out which movies made an impression by reading this article...

This year's Galway Film Fleadh was an outstanding success, with sold out screenings across the festival programme which featured 95 feature films and 102 short films showcasing the best of Irish and World cinema.

The annual awards ceremony took place on Sunday 16th of July before the closing film, Let the Canary Sing which chronicled Cyndi Lauper's meteoric ascent to stardom and her profound impact that extends across her music, ever-evolving punk style.

The winner of Best Irish Film, in association with Danu Media was Apocalypse Clown, directed by George Kane, written by Demian Fox, George Kane, Shane O’Brien and James Walmsley and produced by Morgan Bushe and James Dean. Apocalypse Clown follows a troupe of failed clowns as they embark on a chaotic road trip of self-discovery after a mysterious solar event plunges the world into anarchy.

Winning Best Irish First Feature was Lie of The Land directed by John Carlin, written by Tara Hegarty and produced by Chris Patterson and Margaret McGoldrick. A tense drama unfolds in this first feature as the Wards prepare to abandon their lives, escaping a dire financial situation, a last-minute change of heart leaves them fighting for survival

The Graceless Age - The Ballad of John Murry, won the best Irish documentary award on the night, written and directed by Sarah Share and produced by Nuala Cunningham, John Galway, Aeschylus Poulos. This is the story of American singer songwriter John Murry who was on the cusp of greatness after the release of his highly acclaimed album The Graceless Age (2013) when his world fell apart. This beautiful documentary charts his journey from near death to redemption and a new zest for life and art.

The full list of Galway Film Fleadh Award Winners are as follows:

Generation Jury Award
SCRAPPER | Director, Charlotte Regan
Producer, Theo Barrowclough

Best International Short Fiction
LAST CALL | Director, Harry Holland

Best International Short Animation
GLOBBY THE DRAGON | Directors, Xin Sun and Yun Li

Best International Short Documentary
MARUNGKA TJALATJUNU (Dipped In Black) | Directors, Matthew Thorne and Derik Lynch

Donal Gilligan Award
for Best Cinematography in a Short Film with the Irish Society Cinematographers (ISC) supported by Celtic Grips
TWO FOR THE ROAD | Cinematographer, Eoin McLoughlin

Best First Short Animation Award with Brown Bag Films
PINOKIDOKI | Director/Writer/Producer: Jack C.

Best Cinematography in an Irish Film with Teach Solais
LIES WE TELL | Cinematographer, Eleanor Bowman

World Cinema Competition
PAST LIVES | Director, Celine Song
Producers, David Hinojosa, Christine Vachon, Pamela Koffler

Peripheral Visions Award with Galway Cultural Company
THE LAND WITHIN | Director, Fisnik Maxville
Producers, Thomas Reichlin, Britta Rindelaub and Valon Bajgora

Best International Film
HERE | Director, Bas Devos
Producer, Marc Goyens

Best International Documentary
ONE BULLET | Director, Carol Dysinger
Producers, Carol Dysinger, Su Kim, Ashim Bhalla and Jesper Jack.

The Pitching Award with Wild Atlantic Pictures
The winner is Eimear Morgan with her project ‘Billy Ruben + The Shunts’

The Galway Film Fair, in association with Bankside Films - Best Marketplace Project
BARFLY – Bridge Way Films, Chris Hees & Dan Thorburn

Best Irish Documentary
Producers, Nuala Cunningham, John Galway and Aeschylus Poulous

James Flynn Award for Best First Short Drama
BABY STEPS | Hannah Mamalis – Director

James Horgan Award for Best Animation (short) with Animation Ireland
WORRY WORLD | Director: Jessica Patterson

Best Short Documentary with TG4
BEING PUT BACK TOGETHER | David McDonagh – Director

Tiernan McBride Award for Best Short Drama
TWO FOR THE ROAD | Lochlainn McKenna – Director

Best Independent Film Award
VERDIGRIS | Director, Patricia Kelly
Producers, Paul Fitzsimons and Patricia Kelly

Bingham Ray New Talent Award with Magnolia Pictures
AGNES O’CASEY | (Lies We Tell/The Miracle Club)

Best Irish First Feature with Element Pictures
LIE OF THE LAND | Director, John Carlin
Producers, Chris Patterson and Margaret McGoldrick

Best Irish Film with Danu Media
APOCALYPSE CLOWN | Director, George Kane
Producers, Morgan Bushe

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