Reinventing Retail Therapy in Galway with Nelly
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Reinventing Retail Therapy in Galway with Nelly

Step inside the inviting, warm yellow building of number 13 Cross Street Upper and enter into Nelly, the stylish family-run women’s clothing boutique that is putting the excitement and joy back into shopping in Galway.

Unmatched in both comfort and glamour, the boutique exudes an air of refined tranquillity. Designed with its shoppers in mind, here you’ll find no glaring fixtures or loud noises but a peaceful space, complemented by chic décor with luxurious fitting rooms and lounge area that invites shoppers to try on pieces that catch their eye, create outfits, add some accessories and then do it all over again and experiment some more.

Brought to life by owner Aileen, who decided to use her years of experience working in clothes stores to bring something new to the city. “I felt like Galway was missing a boutique style for the younger woman. I just thought that I would fill that gap in the market and it seemed like a good opportunity to fill that gap with the knowledge and expertise that I had.“

Thankful for her hard-working and enthusiastic team, which includes both her daughters who look after social media and work in the store whenever the opportunity arises, Aileen says of the space; “There is a really lovely feel and that has to do with the people who work here and what we are trying to create, which is a very comfortable atmosphere to buy nice clothes in.” By placing a strong focus on their one-on-one customer service, everyone visiting Nelly can enjoy a personalised shopping experience. This team loves nothing more than helping customers find their own unique style and showing them the best pieces that will complement it.

The style of Nelly is very classic. The clothes it offers effortlessly depict a smart but casual and stylish city look with an emphasis on high quality natural fabrics and tailoring. Paired with a collection of high end sunglasses, costume jewellery, and leather and raffia bags, shopping at Nelly gives shoppers a chance to embrace their style and have fun while doing it. Aileen adds; “I am continuously sourcing high quality brands and each season I will be bringing something new to the store to keep it fresh.” In addition to the stunning clothes, accessories and bags, they offer handmade ceramics, candles as well as seasonal items and decorations.

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Photos by Ciarán MacChoncarraige.

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