Photography Competition


The Deadline for entering this competition has now finished and no more entries will be displayed.

As 2015 begins to draw to a close, we here at This is Galway thought it might be a good time to put together a bit of a retrospective look over the year that was…

Every day we are sent amazing images from all over the county; some by holiday makers, some by avid photographers and some by people who just happened to catch an amazing moment. 

We figured that we’d ask you good people to pick out your favourite images of Galway from the past year and we would show them to the world!

Images will be displayed in a  gallery on our website for all to view and in an album on our Facebook page for everyone to vote on.

The top twenty images, chosen by popular vote will then be judged by a panel of artists and professional photographers with the best four being displayed at The Kitchen Cafe at The Galway City Museum over the week leading up to New Years Eve.

The rules are simple, images need to have been taken in Galway at any time during the course of 2015. Entry is open to amateur photographers of any age. and a maximum of 3 images per person can be entered. Keep in mind that this is a photo competition and not a photoshop competition.

People are welcome to vote as many times as they like.

–The Winning Photographer will be awarded €250 & a framed copy of their winning photograph–

–3 Runners up will each receive a framed copy of their work also–

A selection of the images submitted may be used for promotional purposes and for the benefit of local charities. Full credit will be given to the featured photographer 

Terms & Conditions


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