We’re having the chats with #PeopleofGalway for the craic — messers and chancers, artists and tourists, buskers and shopkeepers, and any other unwitting victims we meet on the street.

#ThisIsGalway “Crowds of them emigrated to Coventry years ago, and they used to come home religiously for the Galway Races. Up to about four years ago it was grand, and then they’d walk up and down Shop Street and wouldn’t meet one they knew, and that hurt them. It really got to them, like, they’d end up saying ‘What’s the point?’ Years ago, it’d take them the best part of an hour or more to walk up and down Shop Street, and now they’d do it in a quarter of an hour. And that hurts.

We used to visit in Coventry then, too, and there’d be word would get out over there that there was a gang over from the Wesht. “From the Wesht? Oh jesus we must head up to Coventry to meet them” they’d say. They’d be looking for information about relations, asking ‘How’s so-so getting on? Is he shtill alive?” But that’s all changed now, and to me, it is sad.”
– Mike & Anita

Photo by Ciarán MacChoncarraige