10 First Date Ideas in Galway

10 First Date Ideas in Galway

First dates can be a nerve-wracking experience, with so many possibilities playing out in your mind, you are going to want to be feeling your best as you break the ice on a brand new relationship. If you’re feeling those butterflies in the stomach, we’re here to help! Check out our top 10 picks for where to go on your first date in Galway right here..

1. Games, Drinks & a Film at Pálás Cinema

In order to get to know a person we recommend taking them to a spot everyone loves - the cinema! Movies are the perfect topic to get the conversation flowing while also discovering their interests and seeing if you both share any favourite films. In Galway, Pálás Cinema is our choice for first dates because they always have a seriously good lineup playing as well as being home to a bar, which is the ideal for pre and post movie discussions. Additionally, if things are still feeling a bit awkward, the bar has a variety of board games available and these are the perfect icebreaker.

above: photo courtesy of Pálás Bar

2. A Seaside Coffee Date at The Creamery

The reason The Creamery is so great for first dates is because it really has something for everyone. They don’t know you, you don’t know them and yet we can guarantee you will both find something you love on the diverse food and drink menus at this Salthill café and restaurant. The space also enjoys a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere which is exactly what your pre-date nerves need. This spot is open until late every night, making it the perfect place to talk the evening away.

above: photo courtesy of The Creamery

3. Chat over Cocktails at The Skeff

The Skeff has been the meeting place of Galway for decades now so it seems only fitting that it should be the meeting place for you and a potential new partner. Its dedicated cocktail bar, Grace’s Drinking Club serves up delicious cocktails and small bites in a cosy and relaxed space. From the classic Margaritas and Martinis, to the aptly named Eyre Cosmo and of course Pirate Queen, you can get to know one another as you both taste your way through a wide variety of flavours and colourful cocktails.

above: photo courtesy of The Skeff

4. Get Quizzical with WOMP Events

If you are looking for someone with the same interests as you, WOMP Events might hold the key to a successful first date. Throughout the year they host themed quizzes on popular topics, series, musicians and more. With previous quizzes relating to Friends, The Simpsons, and The Office to name a few. On a more regular basis, they host Common Knowledge quizzes in The Ol’55 which covers a broader range of topics and can be a fun way to meet someone new and be in for the chance to win some cool prizes.  Be sure to check out what events they’ve got in the works here and see what stands out!

above: photo courtesy of WOMP Events

5. Break Bread at Mr Waffle

As you both prepare to waffle on about yourselves, you are going to need to fuel your conversation with delicious sweet and savoury foods! And, one spot that never lets us down is Mr Waffle. The menu here includes both sweet and savoury versions of their signature waffles (gluten free available also), and will give you both a chance to learn about each other’s favourite food flavours and preferences. Additionally, the spaces’ large windows will give you both a chance to people watch and converse as the world goes by outside.

above: photo of Mr Waffle, by Ciarán MacCHoncarraige

6. Wine and Dine at BlackCat

The perfect dining option for first dates is a tapas style meal, and for this BlackCat is one of our favourites. You can get the conversation started as you both go through the menu, picking the dishes you’d like to try and share with one another. If you need any help, the friendly staff are always on hand to offer their favourites and of course, to recommend which wines will best enhance your dishes. BlackCat combines elegant décor with unfussy, refreshing takes on Spanish tapas, creating the ideal setting for a first date in Galway.

above: photo courtesy of BlackCat

7. Dinner with a View at Rè Nao

Not only do Rè Nao offer an authentic Asian menu, but also a full vegan menu so it’s another fantastic option for those on first dates. Thanks to their ideal location at Galway’s Spanish Arch, you and your date can also order for takeaway and then enjoy a stroll and sit down along The Long Walk to enjoy your date al fresco style. If everything is going well, you then have the option to stroll through the city streets, or wander along the Claddagh area and watch the sunset.

above: photo courtesy of Re Nao 

8. An Evening for 2 at Trattoria Magnetti

Situated on Quay Street in the atmospheric and romantic heart of Galway’s Latin Quarter, Trattoria Magnetti specialises in regional Italian dishes made with the finest ingredients. This spot is cosy and warmly lit, and in the evenings it is a great option for a casual dining experience, including first dates. Their range of offerings include a menu of pasta, pizza, meats, fish, starters and desserts, so you and your date can enjoy a full range of delicious courses as you chat and get to know one another.

above: photo courtesy of Trattoria Magnetti

9. Warm up to your date at MacNeill’s Pub

Located downstairs at The Hardiman Hotel, MacNeill’s Pub is full of cosy nooks and crannies, ideal for enjoying a quiet bite and drinks as you get to know someone. Exuding a timeless Irish pub ambiance, MacNeill’s is a classically charming spot where new beginnings are written into its walls. On the dining side of things, the menus focus on the soul-warming comfort of traditional Irish dishes, all while incorporating contemporary flavours and techniques and it’s absolutely divine to boot.

above: photo courtesy of MacNeills, by Daniel Gleeson

10. Dive into a New Relationship at Blackrock Cottage

A lovely prom date isn’t complete without a stop at Blackrock Cottage. Of course by prom date we mean a date where you walk along the famous Salthill promenade. Their team here have created a sensational evening dining experience complete with delicious wines, irreplicable views and a wholesome ambiance. However, if you are opting for a lunch or earlier date time, don’t worry because the food here is flawless all day long and if the weather is nice you can sit outside with your coffees and enjoy the scenery around you.

above: photo of Blackrock Cottage

Feature photo by Cottonbro Studio on Pexel

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