Eye Cinema

EYE is the cinema that Galway deserves but has never had.

Locally-owned and operated the EYE will build on Galway’s worldwide reputation for celebrating Irish and international theatre, music, literature and the visual arts, offering a unique cinema experience for Ireland’s cultural capital.

EYE will contribute not only in this social context to the people of Galway but also in an aesthetic sense.

In its architecture and design the EYE is a living canvas at one of the most prominent sites in the city, the traditional cinema experience is turned back-to-front – a 100 metre curved glass wall ensures complete transparency – breaking the mould for conventional cinema design, the drama of the building is exposed day and night and EYE offers vibrant and innovative civic spaces to the public.

At its core EYE remains committed to offering a cinema experience that is second-to-none, you can watch the latest, biggest block buster first run movies for all tastes, children, families, teenagers, young adults and students.

EYE is amongst the most advanced cinemas in Ireland, EYE offers almost 1200 stadium planned seats across 9 screens, each with Dolby Digital EX full surround sound and Widescreen and Cinemascope picture. For those who want more than a seat at the cinema EYE has one luxury screen for those special moments or corporate clients.

All our screens are wheelchair accessible and each screen has an allotted amount of wheelchair space.

Address : Wellpark Retail Park, Wellpark, GalwayPhone : 091 780 078

Hours :


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