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Bell Book and Candle A treasure trove of vinyl, CDs & Books

For anyone with a taste for a good read, a good listen or a good film, the Bell Book and Candle store is well worth a visit. We buy and sell new and secondhand books, music and film, with stock changing daily.

We hold some stock similar to the high street stores, but the most exciting aspect of the shop is it’s large scondhand stock of records, CDs, books and DVDs, many of which have never been reprinted or reissued. The shop doesn’t sell online, so the best is on the shelves for you to enjoy!

For fans of new Irish music, Wingnut, the Irish music specialist has a corner… Call in!

Opening hours
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Business Type
Book Shop
West End
Small Crane,
Sea Road,
Phone : +353 (0)91 589 060 View Map

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