ArtHaus Galway based design and build company for Irish Pubs

ArtHaus are a specialist design & build company based in Galway. You can see their brilliant work in pubs across the City, most notably O’Connells Bar, Tigh Neachtain’s and the Quays!

They specialise in decorative finishes for Irish pubs on all surfaces: walls, ceilings, wood work, bar front, bar back, wood panelling, and plaster moulding. Their unique designs round out the essential atmosphere and ambiance of an Irish pub. For new builds, they specialise in giving Irish pubs that ‘old world vintage’ feel, and they can work at sprucing up older bars, giving it a new infusion of charm without losing its authentic feeling.

It’s not all about pubs, either. They work with restaurants and cafés to bring a ‘modern vintage’ look, combining rustic salvage wood, with muted and modern colours.

ArtHaus have worked in pubs and restaurants worldwide, and Galway is lucky to have so much of their work around the place to admire!

Opening hours
Monday - Sunday: 9:00 to 17:00
Business Type
Market St,
Phone : 087 786 8991 View Map

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