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After an extraordinary year, it's understandable if you're feeling a little sluggish or disillusioned! But this online course is here to help get you on track

Experienced performance and wellbeing coach, Tony Óg Regan is launching an online program that will help you build and maintain positive habits to be a resilient and high performer in your own life, not only in challenging periods but in the time far beyond it. This online program will begin on November 23rd and will run until December 1st, focusing on key areas of every day performance including mental skills, self-identity/discovery, and emotional intelligence. It is a powerful synergy of live online sessions on mental skills practices that people can apply straight away into real life scenarios to deal with pressure more effectively.

This program integrates the latest applied research from neuroscience, psychology, human behaviour analysis, and Tony's own business and elite sporting experiences from high performance teams & environments. It is quite easy to feel overwhelmed with all the information we receive from social media, news feeds, TV, and radio. This program will help you to improve your concentration in a world where there are so many distractions. It will focus and sharpen the mind and hone your decision-making process, showing you how to develop clarity not confusion. See an example of Tony's motivational speaking in the clip below

"We have been in a time of high stress and uncertainty for a while. People may be feeling very anxious about the present and the future. This program I have created is to help people to achieve more clarity, confidence, and composure in their personal and professional lives. For those wanting to feel greater motivation, calmness, and positive expectations about the future. It will help people to think more clearly under pressure. It will give people a stronger focus on what is important to them and it will look at how we refocus towards our key priorities, " explained Tony.


One of the goals of this program is help people to learn how to switch off mentally and recover from the pressures of life. "This alone I know speaks to so many people right now, both professionally and personally," concluded Tony.

The 6 session program will cover Tony's lessons learnt from elite sport and corporate environments and experiences, a mental skills overview and how mindset and motivation influence performance, how to set positive expectations and intentions to help you achieve your goals, understanding the relationship between pressure and performance, generating confidence, managing your mental and emotional energy so you are ready to tackle the big events and detaching from performance so you can remember that who you are is not simply what you do.

If any of that sounds like something that would help you live a happier, healthier life you should book your place now. Click right HERE to get your ticket. All other enquiries to

Feature Photo by Hugh Sweeney