Meet the All-Women Team at West End Art Collective
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Meet the All-Women Team at West End Art Collective

A welcome addition to Galway’s tattoo industry, West End Art Collective has been making waves as the county’s only exclusively female tattoo studio. Pushing the boundaries of their art form, these tattooists are professionals at creating exceptional masterpieces on a day-to-day basis. While visiting artists are always passing through, you’ll find Stephanie Amaterstein and Anna Ki doing their thing all year round. Meet the team..

Photo by Ciarán MacChoncarraige

Stephanie Amaterstein

Arriving in Galway at the end of 2022, Stephanie brought with her years of experience in both tattooing and painting. The Australian born artist is heavily influenced by her love of science fiction, dark surrealism and all things weird & wonderful. Working with her clients’ ideas, she explores different tattooing styles, including full colour, botanical illustrations and pattern work while applying her own individual flair to each piece she creates. “I originally got into [tattooing] because I liked making art and that’s a very individual thing usually. So I was surprised when I started tattooing that I really enjoyed the fact that you have to interact with another human being, making someone feel comfortable and having that kind of collaboration is so important in the tattoo process.”
To book an appointment with Stephanie & see her previous designs, visit her website at

Anna Ki

Setting out on her tattoo journey in her hometown in Portugal, Anna spent years exploring various different styles and techniques before settling on her own preferred style. Specialising in geometric shapes, blackwork, dotwork, fine lines and ornamental style tattoos, Anna’s expertise really speaks for itself. Finding inspiration from nature, ancient and tribal art, her style reflects a beautiful understanding and appreciation for organic designs and geometric shapes. After moving to Galway, Anna opened up her own private studio called "Kiitsune Ink" in 2021, before joining the West End Art Collective team. “I’m really grateful that I get to do my own art everyday and to be able to make a living out of it because it doesn’t really feel like work.”
To book an appointment with Anna & see her previous designs, visit her website at

West End Art Collective is the creation of Claddagh Art Collective's Jarlath Tourish and his wife Maeve. Showcasing art pieces of local artists and creators as well as providing professional tattooing service, West End Art Collective brings together a plethora of artistic geniuses. Keep up to date on the latest news at

Feautre photo by Ciarán MacChoncarraige

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