ICE Group Galway launches 4 day working week

When Forbes asked the question in March this year, is it time for a 4-day working week? The world took notice and one Galway company took action.

The 4 Day Week (Project 475100) is an initiative that gives back to their extremely hard-working staff.

Recognising the value of adopting more flexible ways of working to motivate, encourage and retain staff, ICE Group in Galway are now switching their business to a 4-day working week model. The award-winning Recruitment, Training and Outsourced HR and Payroll Business partner to many successful Irish and Multi-national organisations. With over 50 employees and an international client base of clients has identified the importance in the change of working environment when it comes to the traditional workspace.

Margaret Cox, Director of ICE Group explains;

“Adapting the workplace to the employee’s needs will empower your workforce and we know will improve productivity and output. We know that a happier and valued workforce will result in a positive working environment and company growth,”

“Working effectively now means working less and having a 3-day weekend enables people to have quality time outside of their job to do the things they want with the people they love. We value our employees and want to ensure that their quality of life both inside and out of work is as good as it can be.”

With offices in Galway, Dublin, Limerick, Sligo and Sydney, ICE Group serve a wide range of companies, including indigenous businesses, public services, Multinationals and overseas organisations.


“How we do business is changing, this can only be viewed as a positive. ICE Group’s adaptability for change is what we have built our company on since 1972. We are growing a dynamic and vibrant multi-service company. We view change as an opportunity for further development. Our commitment is a never-ending quest for perfection, providing even greater value and service to our customers and greater prosperity for each of us. The adaption of a 4-day working week is yet another way in which we can grow and evolve our business to work for our employees and our clients.”

Research has shown that changing the work week so that staff have a 3-day weekend, creates a more focused and energised staff. ICE Group are convinced that this will have a benefit for their customers. With a team slogan for this project; ‘4-day work, 100% customer, the buy-in is 100%.

Felim McDonnell, CEO of ICE Group explains why ICE Group is switching to a 4-day working week.

“The business we are in changes people’s lives. We give our customers opportunities to change their lives, now we have found a way to change our employee’s lives.

In terms of our Clients, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. They get that the service they receive from our team will enhance their own service requirements and consequently their profitability. One or two have joked about when they could join us.

From our employees point of view, the opportunity of a 3-day weekend and a 4-day working week, on the same pay, has generated many ideas for the extra day – “will I take up a new course, restart a hobby, learn to fly, bake more for my family?”. We have also seen an increase in people applying for work with us as they are really motivated by this innovative initiative.”

Jillian, who is based in the Limerick office commented “I didn’t believe what I was hearing when Felim made the announcement – this means I can really enjoy my job and spend more time at home with my family and little girl. Everyone is really delighted and very excited about all the possibilities to really manage our Work / Life / Family Balance. It’s just amazing. We will have that Bank holiday buzz every weekend and return to work energised and refreshed.”

For more information on ICE Group and the 4 day work week, click here or call 091-546700.

Photos by Mike Shaughnessy