Hungry Galwegians Smash Deliveroo Records with New Years Day Orders Hitting an All Time High

Deliveroo just hit a record-breaking number of orders, as NYE party-goers all over Ireland turned to their favourite takeaways yesterday as an antidote for their late-night antics. January 1st 2019 saw orders jump 159% across the country, seeing more orders placed in a single day than ever before.

Topping the list as one of the hungriest cities this New Year’s Day was Galway, where order volumes almost doubled as locals turned to comfort food to cure their heavy heads.

Deliveroo has revealed that the Spice Bag from Xian Street Food took top spot for the city’s most popular turn-of-the-year takeaway, followed by a list of local favourites fit to cure any hangover:

1) Spice Bag from Xian Street Food

2) Fajita from Tolteca

3) Burrito from Boojum

4) The Bacon Cheese Burger from The Chili Shack

5) Lamb Doner Kebab from Charcoal Grill

Topping the post-festivity takeaway poll in Dublin was the Bacon Cheeseburger from Five Guys; the Burrito from Burritos & Blues in Cork and the Doner Kebab from Abrakebabra in Limerick.

Joe Groves at Deliveroo said “With the turn of the year, comes the turn of the takeaway, as people across the country trade in their turkey dinners and mulled wine for a spice bag to heal their heavy heads. Here at Deliveroo, we’re glad the people made the most of the great selection of New Year’s nourishment available on the app.”