Galway Traffic Update: Cars to Return to Pedestrianised City Streets

Galway Traffic Update: Cars to Return to Pedestrianised City Streets

Urban Planners and Traffic Wardens in Galway have announced that the city’s pedestrian thoroughfare (which includes Shop Street, High Street and Quay Street) will be de-pedestrianised in order to tackle Galway’s traffic congestion issue. Read more here...

Happy April Fools Day!! Did we get you?

With immediate effect, 24/7 access will be given to cars, trucks, buses and all forms of vehicular road transport throughout the city centre in place of pedestrians. Galway City Planner, Annie Carwrights says this decision was made after extensive research found there simply wasn’t enough physical space in the city for the number of cars that pass through it every day. Annie says; "we’ve tried everything; roundabouts, bus lanes, junctions, cycle lanes, bridges, ring roads, more buses, another ring road - everything! We were all out of ideas but one of the interns in the office realised that the main issue might be just that there are too many cars and not enough places to put them. So we will be giving full priority to cars, rather than pedestrians, in the city centre in a move that we hope will end the traffic problem once and for all. In fairness, a lot of the pedestrians in the city are very slow walkers anyway!"

Another measure announced by Galway’s chief Traffic Warden, Amber Crossing, will see The Prom’s wide pathways transformed into a third lane for cars in the hope of solving the traffic crisis in the area. Amber Crossing said; "The popularity of the Salthill Sundays Car Meets in Salthill made us think that we could just give these people a dedicated lane in which to cruise around and rev their cars."

What do you think of the new measures, which were announced today, April 1 2023?

Elsewhere, This Is Galway have heard reports that, due to overwhelming demand and positive reaction, the recently unveiled parklet on Dominick Street Lower and Middle Street will soon be expanded to fill up every single car parking space on those streets.


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